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Jewelers like you need require fast, precise measurements every day. Whether it's diamonds, beads, gold wire, gemstones, or precious items, you can't guess weight or size. You need a digital jewelry scale to determine weight and carat quickly and accurately to avoid making costly jewelry-making or jewelry-buying errors.

Traditional, manual gemstone scales are slow, bulky and hard to carry around. You need a handy digital jewelry scale you can put in your purse, pocket or portable tool kit. A digital gemstone scale you can always have right at your fingertips. These pocket-sized, portable, battery-operated digital jewelry scales are just the tools you need to get the job done quickly and precisely.

Whether you need a digital jewelry scale to determine ounces, grams, carats, pennyweight, one of these high-precision, portable gemstone scales will be your perfect travelling companion. Be it beading tools, digital gemstone scales, or one of our rotary tools, you'll find the newest and highest quality jewelry equipment on the market today!

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