Creative Metalsmithing from Scratch with Kim St. Jean
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These 25x18mm oval cabochons are great for wrapping men’s rings, but they can still be used for ladies’ rings too! Make hairpieces, brooches, bangles, and all kinds of ornaments with these lovely oval cabochons. You’ll find the cabochon you’re looking for in our wide selection of gemstones!

Looking for a way secure your 25x18mm oval cabochon in your wire jewelry? We sell sterling silver pendant settings so you can be sure your cabochon stone is locked in place. Try our 25x18mm cabochons out today!

We at Wire-Sculpture are committed to stocking the exact size and shape of cabochon you need! From 8x6mm to 40x30mm ovals, and 10mm to 25mm round, as well as other sizes of shaped cabochons, faceted cabochons, and freeform cabochons, we have an array of sizes to make sure you have the perfect cabochon for your project!