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Wire Artist of the Month August 2012: Marcia Kertel

August Artist of the Month Marcia Kertel

About Marcia

I grew up in a very artistic family and was always encouraged to try new concepts and to think outside of the box in all that I do. This has stayed with me in my adult life. As I listed all of the things that I love to do: working with my hands, collecting rocks, fashion and jewelry, metal work, the healing properties of stone, it brought me to wire jewelry design.

I custom design jewelry using natural gemstones and wire in sterling silver. My intention is to incorporate unique designs in all metals and gemstones, ultimately creating a one-of-a-kind handcrafted work of art. All of my components are hand crafted, from the clasps on every bracelet and necklace to the ear wires on earrings.

Artist Name: Marcia Kertel Location: Nevada Where you can find her: on her website, Marcia Kertel Designs

Tell Us About Your Work

Wire Wrapped Pendant
Amber Sunflower, an amber pendant wrapped in sterling silver wire, oxidized and hung on a handmade silver chain by Marcia Kertel

The amber cabochon is wrapped in .925 sterling silver. The chain in the pieces is also .925 sterling silver and is handcrafted. I purchased the amber during JCK and loved the color, shape and the tiny plant particles inside. I had bought other amber that day, including some citrus green but I knew that this particular amber was going to be my personal piece.

Wire Wrapped Pendant
Front view of Amber Sunflower by Marcia Kertel

Wire Wrapped Ring
Rainbow Obsidian Pharaoh's Ring in Sterling Silver, wire wrapped by Marcia Kertel

I began my jewelry design career in wire wrap while reflecting on what direction to take the second half of my life. I have always been artistic, or in the pursuit of the arts. I wanted to discover that thing, that trade, that art that I love.

In the end, I realized that I wanted to design and handcraft jewelry, but not any jewelry design, but handcrafting and designing with wire to create one-of-a-kind pieces. I bought a set of pliers, some stones, beads and practice wire. The moment I sat down with my tools, I felt and still feel happiness and creative freedom. My new career began.

Wire Wrapped Chain
One of Marcia's signature sterling silver chains

I have always been a rock hound, collecting and gathering with every walk and hike that I take. It was a natural process in my artistic endeavors to incorporate my passion for rocks and their properties and fashion. I don't know how I would enjoy life if I wasn't creating jewelry everyday. Not a day goes by where I am either not creating or thinking about a new piece of jewelry to design. Even on vacation, I have to take all of my tools with me, if I didn't have them with me, my vacation would not be as enjoyable. And when a design idea comes, sometimes pencil and paper are not enough.


Wire Wrapped Pendant
One of Marcia's magnetic jewelry pieces, this necklace is made from titanium wire, lepidolite beads, and magnetic hematite beads.

I have had items on consignment and I am currently pursuing boutiques for wholesale. I have taught wire wrapping at children's birthday parties, each girl goes home with a new knowledge and piece of jewelry they helped create. I find this to be rewarding, it opens up doors for young girls to try something that they may have not done or thought of doing. I want to give young girls the artistic freedom and encouragement that I had all of my life.

I sell online (custom pieces and on my shopping page), through word of mouth, and my home or office jewelry parties. I find the most success doing one on one consultations, especially during home and office jewelry parties.

Doing jewelry parties feels like a private shopping experience with friends. I enjoy working with my clients and listening to what they want and selecting the right stones, the right length or size and in that moment getting their friends' feedback on what I am about to create just for them. Everyone is unique and I think their jewelry should express that uniqueness. Who wouldn't want a piece of jewelry made just for them? It is special.

Wire Wrapped Ring
Marcia wrapped this faceted whiskey quartz stone in sterling silver wire to form a beautiful prong ring.

I find inspiration each day. It could begin with a certain stone, a marketing idea or the person whom I designing a piece for. At times, I envision a piece of finished jewelry and cannot pinpoint the inspiration, other times I am inspired by the lines of an object, or the elements of nature. I interpret these inspirations and how they make me feel and see. It is then, that my vision of the end piece is achieved.

Wire Wrapped Earrings
Marcia wire wrapped these jasper briolettes into a pair of earrings with titanium wire.

Wire Wrapped Pendant
Neptune's Caviar is the piece Marcia entered to our 2011 Gold Club Contest: that's a metallic druzy wrapped in sterling silver wire on a chain of silver and rose quartz beads.

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