Wire Artist of the Month

Wire Jewelry Wire Artist of the Month Submission Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming Wire Jewelry's Wire Artist of the Month! Each month, we pick a talented wire jewelry artist and their work to highlight.

Please fill out the form below to be considered. Only Gold Club members will be considered for Wire Artist of the Month. If chosen, you will receive a special link to your Featured Artist page, which will be visible even after your month has passed. We will contact you via email if you are selected to be a Featured Artist!

Please write in the spaces below, and submit 3 photos, using this form. Please submit 3 photos of one special piece of wire jewelry (see Photograph Submission Guidelines below):

  1. One photo of the front
  2. One photo of the back
  3. And one photo of a special detail or technique on your piece

Your Featured Piece may be an original design or a variation of a favorite pattern with the source named. You must submit all the information and photos below to be considered.

Good Luck!

Photograph Submission Guidelines

  • Photographs must be at least 3" by 3" (900 x 900 pixels) at 300dpi
  • Photographs must be no larger than 5" by 5" (1500 x 1500 pixels) at 180dpi
  • Individual photograph file size should be no larger than 500KB
  • Photographs be taken against a plain white or black background; no props
  • Photographs must contain no watermarks of any type
  • For photography help, please see this article: Take Photos of your Wire Jewelry using a Lightbox.