2011 Gold Club "OOAK" Contest Entries & Winners

This contest was all about showcasing the talent of our Gold Club members! We asked you to make a wire jewelry piece with a beautiful or striking one-of-a-kind (OOAK) gemstone that inspires you and speaks to you. In this year's Gold Club contest, each submission was required to include one of wirejewelry.com's One-of-a-Kind Gems, Cabochons, or Druzies in the piece. We were blown away by the number as well as the caliber of these entries: see the winners, and all the entries, below. Congratulations to our winners, Dena, Elizabeth, and Aletha, and our heartfelt thanks to everyone who submitted an entry!

Grand Prize

Smooth Sailing by Dena Ellison

Smooth Sailing, by Dena Ellison

I love shopping for one-of-a-kind stones on Wire Sculpture.com because for me, every stone chooses its design. I lived in Ocean City, Maryland as a young adult. When I saw the stone, it reminded me of the sailboats I used to love to watch there. I used copper for the wood components of the boat, and silver for the ropes on the sails as well as the waves. Labradorite is my favorite stone, because it reminds me of the ocean, and it fit right into the sailboat theme.

Dale Armstrong's Comments:

The artist created this design with a vision easily seen by all. The combination of both the techniques, and the variety of materials used, were well chosen and executed according to what appears to have been a well planned design, including every little detail. Amazing piece - well done!

Congratulations, Dena! Dena chose to attend a 3-day Wired Workshop in Chicago, Illinois with Dale "Cougar" Armstrong as her prize. Excellent piece, Dena!

Staff Choice

Rain Dance, by Elizabeth Little

Rain Dance, by Elizabeth Little

The gentle patter of spring rain drops of the thunder, lightning and pounding rain of a micro burst, water a force of life or a torrent of destruction. This blue and gray sparkling druzy feels like sky, clouds, calm, serene and at the same time the power of a storm. A beautiful balance of color and crystal. The fresh water pearls are the perfect symbol for rain drops. The large druzy stone set in copper with silver colored copper as the cloud's silver lining, and jewelers bronze lightning. Rain Dance is about hope in the midst of the storm and the rainbow after.

Dale Armstrong's Comments:

The chosen druzy works well as the artist's idea of a rain cloud. A bit abstract, yet at the same time symmetrical, the combination of chosen materials gives the idea of a rain storm. Amazing combination of various techniques.

Congratulations, Elizabeth! Elizabeth wins a $100 Gift Certificate to wirejewelry.com as well as a free copy of our latest DVD Series, Coiling & Weaving Wire Jewelry Designs. As she already has these DVDs, she'll receive the Definitive Guide to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry instead.

Popular Vote

Siren's Song, by Aletha Tjaden

Siren's Song, by Aletha Tjaden

This piece was inspired by the color of the stone I love the color of the stone and thought the copper would make the color pop even more. I wanted to make a bracelet with it but I wanted the main color to be copper with the stone so this pattern was perfect because it doesn't require any beads or other findings. My daughter helped me pick my name, she chose Siren's Song because it looks like a bauble a mermaid would wear and I agree with her. This piece will always have a special place in my heart because my daughter took a lot of time helping me to pick a name and it's the first I'm entering a piece of jewelry in a contest!

Dale Armstrong's Comments:

Excellent job weaving, tight and uniform. Enjoy the round cabochon setting. Definitely "see" the ocean siren reference. Nice!

Congratulations, Aletha! Aletha wins a $100 Gift Certificate to wirejewelry.com as well as a free copy of our latest DVD Series, Coiling & Weaving Wire Jewelry Designs.

All Entries

The Big, The Bold, & The Beautiful by Yvonne Wood
When I decided to enter the contest I wanted to do something that challenged me and incorporated 3-4 stones, gem, or cabochons, which is something I have never done. As I searched, these 4 cabs jumped out at me because of their colors, as well as their shapes, and I knew they would be my selections. I choose the name "the big, the bold & the beautiful," because in my opinion the name totally explains this piece which can also be portrayed as a piece of art. It's important to me to make one of a kind jewelry, it's equally important to me for my jewelry to be works of art as well.

4 x 2.75" pendant.
FootPrints by Valorie Bowen
My inspiration for doing this piece was spiritual. I simply love "Foot Prints", the words are simply inspiring. My pendant piece reminds me that we are not alone...there is nothing we can not do as long as one has faith.

My design is original, it came to me in a dream, and I had to create it. I paired the pendant with a Viking knit chain that I learned from the DVD that I purchased on wirejewelry.
Captured Prescott Night by Cynthia Hollins
The crystals of the druzy and surrounding stone reminded me of the brilliant stars that are present in the night skies over Prescott, Arizona where I live. I used a combination of wire weaving and wire wrapping to represent how I could capture and hold the stars without obscuring their beauty.

This piece is an original design. Using the wire weaving as a base did present somewhat of a challenge as it was woven with sixteen 24gauge wires. I wanted the design to be open and light.
Galadriel's Magic by Rhonda Chase
June 18
Trying something new. For my essay I will keep a diary. I just spent a couple of hours on the Wire Sculpture site. I looked at every single OOAK gemstone, druzy and cabochon and picked out two cabs. I have an idea of what I'd like to do, but usually my real inspiration comes when I have the stones in my hands. I'm pretty sure I'd like to incorporate hammered wire and patinas. I can't wait to get my stones and get started!
June 22
Got my stones! I'll go with the Mexican Lace Agate. And make a pendant.
June 23
Thought about my contest cab all day. Jotted down ideas and sketches. The greys and browns of the agate combined with the detailed patterns in the stone are leading me in a nostalgic or even steampunk direction. There is an intriguing crystal-lined hole in the cabochon which makes me think of a time portal or magical conduit.
June 24
My sketch is done and I'm happy with its Old World/New World feel. My pendant will have contemporary as well as antique design elements. Using mixed metals to enhance this. Getting closer to a name...
June 25
Started preparing wire and building pieces of the pendant. I wrapped the agate in a copper and sterling wire pattern that mimics the pattern in the stone. Black patina between wires will add to the effect. I shaped, hammered and textured 16gauge wire to create a floating frame for the wrapped agate. Picked silver shadow crystals for accents.
June 26
Finished all the pieces. Now I can put everything together and work on the filigree and details. I'm striving for a magical, back-in-time feel. As I work I am reminded of the Lady Galadriel from Lord of the Rings. Her regal, mystical beauty. Her strength and bravery. And I have the name: Galadriel's Magic. With this in mind, forming the wire is like painting. Copper is flowing, tendrils are forming, structures are gaining a medieval weight.
June 27
Completed details, including sterling accents and a braided bail. Added a black patina. Sanded, leaving black line work that matches the agate.
June 28
Final polish, cleaning and protective coating. I'm very happy with the results. I think this pendant would be right at home in on Galadriel of Middle Earth!

Galadriel's Magic is an original design.
Neptune's Caviar by Marcia Kertel
Neptune's Caviar is a custom piece for a Hollywood client. It is inspired by the Pacific Ocean. The beginning of the design started with the Druzy stone and it's resemblance to caviar, to compliment the druzy I used one of my chain designs that reflect the waves of the Pacific Ocean, the rose quartz in the chain is the reflection on water during a Pacific Ocean sunset.

Original design and measurement. My technique is self taught, using tips that I find on the internet, including Dale Armstrong.
Water Dancer by Valorie Bowen
While gazing through the different druzies and cabochons, I kept going back to this beautiful piece. From the first time seeing it on wirejewelrys site, I could not sleep until I received it. The piece looked like a jellyfish and I had to transform it so. It reminds me of the magic in the deep waters of the earth.

This piece is an original design, unless "nature" was here before me counts.
From Sunrise to Sunset by Teresa Massey
I have always been drawn to the geo slabs and stones in general, but definitely love the druzy stones. I choose this stone as it reminded me of the sunrises and sunsets. So it's named From Sunrise to Sunset. I enjoy watching the dragonflies that buzz around and really feel connected to nature during these times. The natural tones make me feel like I am on solid ground and surrounded by the beauty nature gives us. I added the little dragonfly beads to accent this stone and make it feel as if I am standing in a field full of wheat. The native grasses have some interesting twists and spins and I felt that the twisted wire along with some rosettes said it all and really gave this piece more definition. I have a difficult time with bringing together colors and often use a color wheel or what inspires me in the garden outside my studio window. I really like to focus on a main color and highlight it with others without distracting from the original design. I feel that this piece has so much to give and say, I only hope that it speaks to everyone else as it did me. I am always inspired by Dale's Wirework book, especially the cabochon bracelet with the adornments around the edges. I used 22 gauge square half hard wire in gold filled and sterling silver.

This is an original piece, but my inspiration comes from Dale's book Wirework and her Ornate Cabochon bracelet topping. The extra beads inspired me to be more creative and free flowing from the top of the design. I will also credit Dale for her DVD series in which I learned to wrap a cabochon. Thank you to Dale and her beautiful work.
Rain Dance by Elizabeth Little
The gentle patter of spring rain drops or the thunder, lightening and pounding rain of a micro burst, water a force of life or a torrent of destruction. This blue and gray sparkling druzy feels like sky, clouds, calm, serene and at the same time the power of a storm. A beautiful balance of color and crystal. The fresh water pearls are the perfect symbol for rain drops. The large druzy stone set in copper with silver colored copper as the clouds silver lining, and jewelers bronze lightening. Rain Dance is about hope in the midst of the storm and the rainbow after.

I used some of the techniques in Albina Manning's coiling and weaving DVD's. The design is my own combination of techniques from many sources.
Mail Order Bride by Elizabeth Little
The mail order Bride is she ever what you expect? She is diminutive, but look closely and she has interesting character. Far from home and perhaps in a strange land she must be strong. Beautiful maroon tone fresh water pearls and double strung on a Viking knit chain she puts her best foot forward. A lovely ocean jasper set in jeweler's bronze and copper with hand crafted end caps and hook. Inner beauty on display.
Don't Fence Me In by Elizabeth Little
Rattle snakes and lizards, blistering heat, and snowy frozen winter the home of the Picasso stone. Two tones of jewelers bronze used to set this wild west stone. Swirling winds and sizzling sunshine wound in wire compliment the earth tones in the stone. Feel the free spirit of the west. Stone shown on a hand crafted Viking knit chain.
Rainbow Maker by Rachel Ison
When I first saw the picture of this cab on-line I said to myself, "A cloud with a silver lining!" When it arrived I looked into the stone and thought it looked like a cloud full of unshed raindrops, a storm cloud complete with bolts of lightning and lots of big rain drops, then as the storm calmed down its shiny silver lining appeared and it went on to became a rainbow maker. Hope with optimism, a recognized opportunity and a clear goal, or, in other words a "cloud with a silver lining." Hope with optimism, a recognized opportunity and a clear goal, or, in other words a "cloud with a silver lining."

This piece is my original design. I used techniques that I have learned in classes, DVDs, magazines, on-line and from friends as we share techniques. There was no pattern or designer pattern used to create the Rainbow Maker.
Speckles of Love by Carolyn Fiene
This stone just cried out to be wrapped with my broad bail technique. The 'speckles' comes from the speckles in the stone and the cross tells of the love of my Savior Jesus.

Original design.
Pink Organdy by Sally Heath
Always a tom boy! At least that's what I was until on my fifth birthday my mother made me a pink organdy dress. That was a long time ago, but I still remember how special the tiny pearl buttons, pink ribbons, and ruffles made me feel. This rose quartz gemstone and freshwater pearls evokes that special memory for me. I still feel pretty special when I wear it.

This is an original design, but is based on the instructions given in Dale Cougar Armstrong's wire wrapping DVD series. The techniques used are those for wrapping a cabochon pendant (Part 2 - Beginner Series) and the anything cocktail ring (Part 4 - Ring Series).
Cotton Candy by Jenny Holt
This bracelet is made with a Pink quarts druzy with pink bicone morganite beads and sterling sliver wire and beads. It was the druzy that inspired the design. rectangles of morganite the sparkle and flash as the bracelet moves. I was reminded of my granddaughters they all love PINK and sparkles.

This is an original design.
Light Flight by Beverly Brown
When looking at this lovely drusy cab with the large end oriented at the top, it reminded me of a hot air balloon. (That brought back memories of bygone times in northern NY when they often landed in the field behind our house. We would run out with a bottle of champaign, which is customary....... what fun it was!)

I decided to make a reverse wrap, which would enable me to place the detail at the base of the cab; to represent the basket and fire source of a balloon. I borrowed the reverse wrap technique from an article by Michael Collings in the Dec 2003 issue of "Wire Artist Jeweller".
Formal by Beverly Brown
The druse in this beautiful cabochon reminds me of the gown I wore to a military ball when I was 18. It would have looked great with that gown. The graceful asymmetry lends itself well to a clean, off-center rosette to give it balance.

I had some left-over braided wire from a recent project, and thought it might make a good bezel component. Since this is a OOAK contest, I wanted to do something new and different. This piece is a prototype; since making this, I have made several others. It has taken me to a whole new level...... I think Albina Manning's woven wire (Sprig) design might make a nice bezel component too. That will be next, I think.
Siren's Song by Aletha Tjaden
This piece was inspired by the color of the stone I love the color of the stone and thought the copper would make the color pop even more. I wanted to make a bracelet with it but I wanted the main color to be copper with the stone so this pattern was perfect because it doesn't require any beads or other findings. My daughter helped me pick me name, she chose Siren's Song because it looks like a bauble a mermaid would wear and I agree with her. this piece will always have a special place in my heart because my daughter took a lot time helping me to pick a name and it's the first I'm entering a piece of jewelry in a contest!

I don't think this pattern has a name other than wire weave. The woven wire is not an original design but I can't give credit for it any one individual because a search on you tube will result in quite a few tutorials for this weave. The setting and finished ends are original designs.
Favorite Summer Flowers by Aletha Tjaden
The color of the stone inspired me, it made me think of a flower garden. I immediately knew I wanted a climbing vine look and Moon Flowers are my favorite summer flower so I used carved quartz flowers to look like them. To me this piece means warm summer evenings sitting outside while the Moon Flowers open.

This is an original design, a standard wrap with a little twist to get the desired effect.
Dancing Dolphin by Sue Beck
I originally ordered this OOAK stone from WS because of the depth of rich colors. When I received it, I stared at it and rotated it a few times before deciding how to proceed. I realized I was beginning to see a dolphin image playing so I began to sculpt and wrap the stone with sterling square wire. When completed, it brought back many fond memories of the dolphins that would "dance" in the bow wake of my sailboat.

Original design
Class Act by Sue Beck
I love working with druzies, so when I was looking at WS's OOAK stones, this small druzy really appealed to me. I decided to incorporate it into a bracelet that would be simple...yet sophisticated, thus the title of "Class Act". I used Sterling silver and 14/20 gold-filled wire in the design, both because I saw both colors in the druzy, and it affords the wearer more flexibility in other jewelry worn with it.

Original design
Tall Sail by Sue Beck
This OOAK stone from WS appealed to me for several reasons. I love working with triangular shapes, especially for sculpting, and the depth and complexity of colors in this stone is absolutely beautiful. It looked like a jib sail with a gentle wind filling it. The shape is extremely pleasing, so I wanted to keep the wire sculpting as minimal as possible so the stone would be highlighted, rather than the gold-filled wire.

Original design
Pirate's Treasure by Judy Aussenhofer
This druzy enchanted me from first glance. The way the light plays across the crystals sparked images in my mind of waves in a titanium colored sea. A thread of long ago dreams and stories once read began to grow stronger. Who else would ride these glittering oceans but a pirate? And his ship would, of course, contain a special treasure. It would be a miniature vision of the very waters upon which he sails--held hostage within the magical confines of silver and gems. "Pirate's Treasure" is a special piece for me. It reminds me that the world is full of mysteries, magic, and that somewhere in this universe a titanium colored sea truly exists.

"Pirate's Treasure" was created by a voyage of my own imagination.
Sun and Sky Pendant by Debra Grant
The blue lace agate reminded me of the sky. I chose 21 gauge square copper wire as it reminded me of the color of the sun. A rosette makes up the sun, and copper wire adorned with 4 mm capri gold czech glass beads make up the rays.

Dale Armstrong's Framed Freeform Cabachon Pendant gave me the knowledge to complete this piece.
Modern Architecture Pendant by Debra Grant
I was inspired by the color and shape of the almost black tiger eye cabachon which is triangular in shape. It reminded me of the architecture of a modern building. The pendant is wrapped in 22 gauge copper wire and I created two triangular shaped slices across the front top of the pendant. It is a lovely pendant with much depth and the brownish tiger-eye color in the light.

I used Dale Armstrong's Framed Freeform Cabachon Pendant pattern with some modification.
Unity Trio Bracelet by Debra Grant
The Blue Lace Agate Trio Bracelet is made from three one-of-a-kind rectangular blue lace agate cabachons and 21 gauge square half-hard wire. I was inspired to make this bracelet when I laid the three cabachons next to each other on my work space and I knew they had to be wrapped in a bracelet together to show their collective beauty. The striations in the cabachons run in the same direction as the wire giving the bracelet unity. I chose the name to reflect the unity in the three-cabachon bracelet.

I used the design for clasp and attachment of the clasp from Dale Armstrong's All-Wire Unisex Bangle. I have never seen multiple stones wrapped in wire as I have done in this bracelet, so as far as I know this concept is original.
Earth, Sea and Sky by Jane Elizabeth Duke
Everything I used was from wirejewelry including the one of a kind cab Montana agate, one half of the ammonite, the bronze, 14ktGF wire. The feathers however I found in a camping adventure... not sure of the breed of bird even.

Beads of Love by Carolyn Fiene
This stone required some special 'attention' because of its shape. Using beads up the one side and balancing it with the cross on the other side just really makes it! Of course the beads gave Beads in the name and the cross tells of God's love in Jesus.

This is an original design.
Vines of Love by Carolyn Fiene
For this entry I utilized the Vintaj 'vines'. I added a bee for extra interest. This cab was just perfect for this minimalist design needing only two wraps to hold it in place. The cross tells of God's love in Jesus.

This is an original design concept.
Rustic Romance Pendant by Janet Cozzens
I love the markings in this stone and I knew that I wanted to wrap it in copper and then patina it. I wanted to give it a rustic look that would inspire a longing for the days gone by and a sense of nostalgia. I chose the name Rustic Romance because that is exactly the feel that I get from this particular piece. The frame around the pendant reminds me of the old beveled mirrors that adorned the tops of the dressing tables of the past. I have an undying passion for the Victorian and Renaissance period and I feel that this piece could have easily been worn back then. I picture a woman with her hair pinned up, tendrils falling upon her shoulders, in a beautiful long dress with a bustle staring at herself in the mirror as her husband clasps this particular piece around her neck for an evening out.

I own and have watched every wire wrap video offered by Dale 'Cougar' Armstrong. I feel that she inspires me every time I pick up a tool and begin to create with wire. I took what she taught me from her wire wrapped cabochon patterns and added the outside frame to the piece. I really have a desire to learn new techniques, and I like to incorporate some of those new techniques into the designs that I feel built my foundation for wire wrapping. This design is based off of what Dale has taught me along with stepping into the unknown and creating something unique.
Crystal Waters by Penny Lewin
I loved the drusy, and my birthstone is Aquamarine, so the pendant is personalized to me.

Original pattern
See Life by Evelyn Samuels
This OOAK cabochon, with the fissure traveling up it's length feels like a rocky sandy beach. The sapphire blue crystals, symbolize the ocean. The crystals on the right are exploding and chaotic like waves breaking in a storm. The crystals on the left are in line and orderly like soft waves on the shore. For me, I see life to be like the tides - calm one minute, chaotic the next. Everyone's waves have different intensities and we all fight through the storms to savor the calm moments, but inevitable, there will always be, and, we look forward to, both in any worthwhile life.

Original design
Desert Winds by Mary Clements
This cabochon is a OOAK ribbon jasper from wirejewelry.com. The striations in the stone as well as the sandy color remind me of the wind blown desert sands. I have designed it with the spirals above the brown in the stone and the sweeping curled wire, like the wind, flow into the ribbon of the stone. My desert home in Arizona inspired this piece. It was important to open the tight spirals into sweeping arcs to represent the strong winds that take place in the desert. Those winds are so intense at times they become dense dust storms that are no longer sandy but brown. I have watched many of these powerful storms moving rapidly across the desert from my vantage point on the side of a small mountain. Seeing a wall of brown dust 60 miles wide and a mile high is an incredible sight indeed - almost majestic. I've taken the liberty of including a picture of one of these enormous walls of dust; perhaps you can see what I saw in my wire-wrapped jasper gemstone.

Curls 'n Swirls by Rebecca Hillan
When I first began this journey several years ago I experimented with different types and styles of jewelry making. I "discovered" Kumihimo before most of the people I know had ever heard of it.
I still enjoy doing Kumihimo, but working with wire has become my passion. I've been looking for a way to fuse the two, but the problem has been finding a pattern for Kumihimo that would work well with wire. The Laramie Braid is from More Necklaces Braided on the Kumihimo Disk, by Karen Desousa. I've used it for a couple of necklaces with thread or fiber and really like the look. The pattern is worked by weaving around a flexible core. After much experimentation, I was able to adapt this pattern to create an interesting and unique piece.
The thing I love about using wire for this weave is the wire doesn't "push" together while you are weaving and the result is an open, lacy look. Using antique bronze wire instead of gold or silver gives it a "Victorian Age" feel, which I love. The core is a very flexible tube, with a 2.5mm outer diameter, creating a necklace that is small enough to be delicate and lightweight.
A word about the name of my piece - when my husband first saw it, he said (and I quote), "You're a genius". Needless to say, I beamed. When I shared this with my best friend she suggested I name my piece "My Husband Thinks I'm a Genius". I must admit I did consider it, if only briefly; but decided that "Curls 'n Swirls" is a more apt name. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed the creation process.

Veritable Variscite Pendant by Kristen Glanzman
The name came from the OOAK gemstone cabochon used in the piece, which is Variscite. I generally like to use alliteration in my writing, so finding an appropriate adjective was the key. "Veritable" just sprung to mind, but it seems to fit.
I'm really pleased with how perfectly the three colors in the 6mm braided WireLace® chain -- black, seafoam and aluminum -- match the colors in the pendant. The seafoam color is very soothing, and I think the three colors overall give a certain balance to the piece.
The gemstone Variscite is reputed to balance the central nervous system and ease depression, fear, worry, anxiety, and impatience. And the frames holding the pendant in place resemble a star, which is a symbol of achievement, ranking, and authority. This necklace is a token of triumph over these negative feelings.

I learned to wire-wrap pendants recently at a workshop given by Suzanne Banfield of sb designs in New Jersey. The technique is based on what I learned there, but this particular design is mine.
Summer's Celebration by Judi Hogan
I chose this pink sherbet OOAK Druzy for the color. I was looking for a color to celebrate the long awaited summer we've had in the Northwest. I used 21ga square wire in GF and Argentium wire to wrap the stone. For added sparkle I twisted 2 of the framing wires surrounding the druzy. The bottom details on the pendant represent the chaotic weather leading into the summer and the top represents the explosion of summer finally arriving in the last couple of weeks. I have accented the pendant with 4mm moss green Swarovski bicones, glass pearl beads and 3mm GF beads for a playful expression of the season. The beaded necklace includes 4 and 6mm glass pearl beads and 3mm gf beads with a gf clasp. The necklace measures 14" in length and the pendant measures 1.75 X 3.75".

This necklace is an original design. I let the stone I am working with determine the outcome. I enjoy working with druzy. Each one is unique and inspires creativity. I also enjoy combining gold and silver wire. It makes a piece of jewelry versatile and adds interest.
Tide Pool by Cindy Albers
I was inspired by the lovely pattern showing in the Psilomelane cabochon. I saw a small pool of sea water left from the previous tides, a tide pool. Reflecting shades of the darkening sky causes silver swirls to appear as the beginnings of small rivulets of sea water start filling the pool. The tiny crabs and other crustaceans begin to stir around the edges and within the pool. Tiny fishes once stranded, dart about in excitement and cause ripples on the surface as the fresh sea water mixes in the pool. Soon the pool will be indistinguishable from the sea waters that created it and the lovely patterns of swirls and ripples gone until the tide recedes again. I have always been fascinated with the sea and sea life. Trips to the coast always bring me fond memories.
Yes, I used a OOAK Psilomelane cabochon, 22 gauge square half hard sterling silver wire, onyx 4mm beads & sterling silver 4mm and 3mm beads from Wire Sculpture.com. I also used 24 gauge wire from your website to stabilize the six wires held by three the 4mm silver beads at the top of the cabochon and anchor the bail all together. I felt that the smaller wire would not detract from the effect of the flowing water that the silver wire is representing in my design.

This is an original design. I let the stone tell me how the wire should embrace, enhance and flow with the gemstone. Dale has inspired me to see more possibilities in designing wire jewelry than I had ever gotten from looking at other people's work. Please don't think I am saying this to get votes. It is simply true. Part of what I am today is due to your website and her influence in classes & DVDs. I can't take "all" the credit for my work (except when it is bad, hah).
Chocolate N Almonds by Kathy Nichols
This ribbon jasper cabochon appealed to me because of the shape and color. I have a real appreciation for jasper in many forms. I use many types of jasper in my work.
As I was sculpting the wire around the stone, it reminded me more and more of an almond. I knew the stripes in the stone, in shades of brown, would be emphasized with the use of brown beads.
I used 10mm Tiger Iron, which looks like milk chocolate to me, and chrysanthemum stone in 8mm, which reminds me of dark chocolate. So it became Chocolate with Almonds.
The basket shape at the base of the cabochon seems destined to pull the almond shaped stone up into the chocolate, where it belongs!

This work is loosely based on the wire sculpting techniques of Preston Reuther and his videos. While not a specific pattern, it flowed from his ideas and techniques.
The spirals were inspired by Dale Cougar's video on the pearl bracelet.
Framed Forest by Kathy Nichols
The Variscite cabochon in this piece reminds me of a mountainside covered in green pine forest, with a patch of snow. This is as seen at a distance. The color and beauty of the stone drew me. I am very fond of turquoise, variscite, and faustite. All of them speak to me on an emotional level.
This stone has a deep color that appeals to me very much. I live in southern Arizona, and like a northern Arizona mountainside it promises refreshing, green, cool shelter from the blazing sun.
To me, the gold wire setting is like a picture frame of this natural beauty.
The glossiness of the stone made it difficult to get a good picture without glare.

The spirals are inspired by the spirals in Dale Cougar's pearl bracelet video on the wirejewelry.com site.
Marbled Rose by Kathy Nichols
This rhodonite oval cabachon appeals to me because I like the marbled look of the rose pink color. I always gravitate toward marbled stones as they have a more unique look and interesting pattern. The rose pink color is unusual among gemstones, and refreshing. This particular stone attracted me because of the balance of pink and black webbing or marbling.
I call it Marbled Rose because I tend to prefer roses of this color to other colors as well, and it strikes a similar cord to the rose bush in my front yard. So it just brings out that same warm feeling in me that the flowers I love do.

The Perfect Storm by Dottie Gallup
This piece was inspired first by the cabuchon and second, by the movie "The Perfect Storm". The pattern reminded me of water, wind and waves. I added the random dark reddish crykstals as an indication of the pelting rain (two are mostly hidden behind the stone). There are also two strikes of copper lightening at the top of the stone. I see a lot of energy in the piece as well as feeling a sense of harmony. It is a unique stone in a unique setting.

This is an original design inspired by the stone.
Another Door Opens... by Dottie Gallup
Inspired by my unique cabochon, I see a door opening to the future. The left side is solid grey while the right side gradually fades to clear to give a peek into the future. The sterling frame invites you to enter. The piece emits a feeling of serenity, hopefulness, and beauty and yet, a bit of curiosity. It is a reminder to always look for open doors. Step inside and enjoy!
The name is part of an old saying: "When one door closes, another one opens."

The pattern is my own creation, though a combination of many designs I've learned.
Volcanic Fire & Ice by Cindy Albers
I often use Swarovski crystals with my pieces when I want to make matching earrings to a OOAK cabochon. I found these great bicone crystals that match my Druzy cabochon and the color they are called is "Crystal Red Magma". I had read in a magazine that pendants with tassels and hanging from a long chain were very fashionable right now, so I decided to add clear crystal bicone beads to mix with the "Magma" beads in the tassel portion. The clear crystal Swarovski beads looked like ice next to the magma beads, hence the name of my piece. Not real original, I admit, but very a accurate description. I absolutely love Druzy cabochons because they are so unique and make wonderful pendants. I have to thank Wire Sculpture.com for introducing me to these fabulous cabochons. I used a OOAK Druzy cabochon from Wire Sculpture.com. I also purchased and used 22 gauge sterling silver wire and sterling silver beads from Wire Sculpture.com as well.

The piece is my original design. I have been making a lot of pendants that have the wire frame on the back side of the cabochon. I was inspired by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong's idea on faceted stones to 'celebrate the stone' and thought I'd try to celebrate free form cabochons. I attach the outside wire to the frame as I go along shaping it to fit the front of the cabochon. Sometimes, it takes a lot of estimating to make sure the outside wire is long enough to shape into the pattern I have in my mind. As you can see a squiggly pattern such as this is not easy to figure to get a good length of wire. It is better to err on the side of caution. I made a large bail to give the large pendant something secure to hang by long chain.
Garden Water Feature by Kenneth Yearwood
While watching home improvement programs on TV I saw several yard projects in which "focal points" were created using water fountains, waterfalls, and ponds. I came up with this water feature design for my "focal point" jewelry. The bail wires create a fountain at the top of the piece. The water then passes over a waterfall into a pond, the stone, which has four waterlilies floating on top and with an eddy of current in the middle of the pond. The pond in this piece is a blue pietersite which was selected for its bright blue color like flashes of light reflecting off of the pond.

It is an original design.
Pure Imagination by Davina Dryland
"Hold your breath / Make a wish / Count to three
Come with me / And you'll be / In a world of / Pure Imagination / Take a look / And you'll see / Into your Imagination...."
Open the door.... the music starts.... walk down those steps.... feast your eyes upon the wonders of this special room. Are you there? Can you see it? The bright colours of the candy canes, large swirls on the huge lollipop's, strings of sweets hanging from trees like streamers, and in the distance you catch a glimpse of the thick liquid chocolate waterfall cascading for eternity.
The inspiration of my pendant is the enchanting chocolate room scene from the original 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory film.
My bright pink druzy cabochon resembles the vivid colours of a lollipop while its beautiful white crystals look like a light dusting of sugar. To enhance the childlike essence of the chocolate room theme I've added an additional lollipop of green jade. The green and purple fluorite cubes hang like the sweet candy streamers that you just want to reach up and take to eat. I've twisted the silver wire to simulate the fall and flow of the liquid chocolate waterfall that can be seen in the distance behind all the lovely tasty sweets.
The song title and lyrics embodies all creative artwork, because it's where your inspiration comes from, within your own Pure Imagination.

Original design. Techniques of basic wire wrapping frame around a stone.
Copper Splendor by Frances Lediaev
Once I saw this beautiful stone with all the swirls, it reminded me of my Papa, who passed away this last October at the age of 87. His passion was rock hounding, fishing, and cutting stones. We always heard the saw going out in the garage, cutting just one more slab. He took his children, all six of us, up to the mountains, practically every weekend, to go camping and fishing and always explaining about the rocks we were seeing, as we walked along the banks of the river. The colors of this Mexican lace agate; the greens, blues, browns and oranges, reminded me of how he used to show us how beautiful each rock was by cracking it open with his hammer, wetting it down, and putting it into our hands. I miss him dearly.

This is an original design.
Smooth Sailing by Dena Ellison
I love shopping for one-of-a-kind stones on Wire Sculpture.com because for me, every stone chooses its design. I lived in Ocean City, Maryland as a young adult. When I saw the stone, it reminded me of the sailboats I used to love to watch there. I used copper for the wood components of the boat, and silver for the ropes on the sails as well as the waves. Labradorite is my favorite stone, because it reminds me of the ocean, and it fit right into the sailboat theme.

This is an original design.
Streaking Tiger, Hidden Cage by Eileen Piccoli
I loved the modern, geometric shape of the tigereye cabochon, and felt it deserved a modern, clean wrap style. I also wanted to show that square wire CAN be modern, it does not always have to be used in traditional wire-wrapping. I believe in "less is more" and feel that sometimes too much of the stone is hidden when the wire-wrapping is too ornate. I wanted the streaks within the tigereye to show. The name is a play on the movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."

This is an original design.
Man in the Moon by Cathy Whitten
This piece of jewelry was designed by me and was inspired by the actual stone. I knew as soon as I saw the gemstone on the website what I was going to do with it. It came together just as planned, so I think it was meant to be. This piece of Montana Agate looks like a face has been drawn on it. I can see the eye and the mouth and it looks like a half moon. I wanted the Swarovski crystals around the top to look like stars, but I didn't want them to take away from the agate stone and the face. The dangles came from the idea of moonbeams. I made the necklace from 100% copper and the frame of the pendant as well. The copper has been antiqued to give it a more elegant look. As an artist, I enjoy designing pieces and putting my personal style on them, so this piece means a lot to me and I think it stands for luck. It's a Lucky Moon.

An original design.