ATTENTION JEWELRY MAKERS: The ONLY Pliers Designed Specifically For Wire-Jewelry Are Finally Available

From: Judy Ellis, Your Wire Jewelry Expert

Re: WHEN WILL Those Pliers Be Ready?

Dear Friend,

You've been asking for years.

After more than 15 years selling jewelry tools we've listened as you've purchased more than 1,000,000 pliers from our site.

The number 1 request I've received over, and over, and over again, in my short time with is "when will your 3-step square pliers be available?"

In addition to that request, I'm constantly asked if we will ever release our own line...

For the last 5 years we've searched tirelessly for the perfect Wire Jewelry specific pliers and the truth is we've never found anything that was just right, and specifically made for wire jewelry...

Today, you can be the one of the first people to ever try the only pliers ever designed specifically for wire-jewelry.

It's finally here, first featured in the Wire Jewelry Intermediate DVD series…

And today, the first 200 people to act will get the amazing new 3-step square pliers absolutely free!

What's the catch?

I'm so confident that you will love our new "made just for wire-jewelry pliers" that you can now claim a very special offer, however you must act fast because I will run out of the free pliers...

In fact the wirejewelry customer service team has already received hundreds of requests to purchase these exact pliers valued at $37.95 and that's the full retail price!

However when you buy now you will NOT pay $37.95, in fact

You can only get the 3-step square pliers when you buy the
"Ultimate Wire-Pliers Set"

Normally premium pliers, NOT designed specifically for wire-jewelry will cost as much as $75…

Yet today you will claim this 4 pliers set with the most popular, durable cutters on the market for much,much less…

Before I tell you the price, let me tell you a little more about what you'll be receiving today with your New 3-Step Square Wire-Pliers…

This is Why These Pliers Put Anything Else On The Market To SHAME!

Every tool in the "Wire-Pliers" line has:

• Durable Box Joint
• Precision Shape Designed for Wire Jewelry Making
• High-Strength Steel Jaw
• Custom Purple Grip
• Comfort Grip for Extended Use
• Designed for Repeat Motion over Extended Time
• Latex Free Handle
• Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

You know it's wire-pliers when it's a purple grip!

In addition to these amazing benefits, when you buy today you will be one of the first people in the world to ever own these pliers...

Which Pliers Are Included In The
Ultimate Wire-Pliers Set?

3-Step Square wire-pliers ($37.95 retail value)

Flat Nose wire-pliers ($32.95 retail value)

Chain Nose wire-pliers ($32.95 retail value)

Round Nose wire-pliers ($32.95 retail value)

Xuron Flush Cutters ($20.97 retail value)

Bonus Black Zipper Tool Case ($12.95 Retail Value)

wire-pliers vs the Competition

Here's just 1 reason why you'll LOVE our wire-pliers more than any other pliers on the market.

As you can see, the 90 degree angles are designed with the wire jewelry artist in mind. 
You will be able to make bends that you cannot make with any other pliers.

I CAN'T Take All The Credit

Before we finalized the design we consulted EVERYBODY that we knew was a serious Wire-Jewelry enthusiast, as well as most of our top designers and experts whose advice I share with you every day… Then we tried every pair of pliers in our warehouse and made a list of everything that was missing…

Don't let the simple design or the purple handle fool you… Over 200 hours of research has gone into the design of these new pliers and they've been tested tirelessly by all of our staff for months to get them just right before we EVER let you try them and NOW they are finally ready!

These pliers are truly the best on the market and these are THE ONLY PLIERS made specifically for wire-jewelry

That's only $26.55 per pair! (Gold Club only $19.91)

After these 200 sets are sold the price will make it's way back up to the normal retail price of $170.72 which is still practically giving these pliers away.

Trust me, I know what a good pair of pliers cost, we sell them everyday on and our most expensive pliers sell for $76.47 and it's worth every penny, yet:

I'm on a mission this year to put quality tools in the hands of EVERY community member.

We're giving these pliers away at an all time low price of just $26.55 per pair… (Gold Club Price: $19.91) That's 65% less than our most expensive pliers and it puts High Quality, Wire Jewelry Specific Designed Pliers in reach of even the most modest budget…

So, why can you buy today with confidence?

My "Iron-Clad" Lifetime Triple Guarantee

Guarantee #1: I guarantee these will be the MOST COMFORTABLE and easiest to hold pliers you've ever used...

Guarantee #2: I guarantee that you will not find better pliers for a better price anywhere…and finally

Guarantee #3: These pliers come with a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee…Even if you get these pliers and you decide you don't like the color, send the set back for a 100% no-questions asked refund...

plus...LIFETIME Replacement Warranty

And if my guarantee's aren't enough, I'll even give you a lifetime replacement warranty so you know how much I stand behind this product. If you ever wear out, break, or dull your wire-pliers, simply contact our friendly customer service to send your wire-pliers in for a free replacement. No Questions Asked, just cover the shipping on your new replacement pliers.

I'll Only Sell 200 Sets At This Price

Time is Very Much "Of The Essence"… I can't stress the time-sensitivity of this offer enough…

The initial launch of these pliers sold out in just a few short days. If you want a pair of these pliers, don't hesitate. Get yours today!

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WARNING: You Will Miss Out

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P.S. Don't Forget, every set of Wire-Pliers comes with our AMAZING Lifetime Warranty and our Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee.

P.P.S. Also, the price right now is just $132.77 for all 4 pliers including the all new 3-step Square Wire-Pliers, that's just $26.55 (Gold Club: $19.91 per pair and $99.58 for the whole set including cutters and case) We MOST DEFINITELY will sell out, click below to have your Ultimate Wire-Pliers set rushed to your door immediately.

Questions? Contact us online at or call us 1-877-636-0608.