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Kim St. Jean

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"I'm always excited to share my stone-setting projects with anyone who wants to learn, but I'm even more excited about this DVD series because I get to show you a project that I've never showed anyone before."

Kim St. Jean,
Stone-Setting Expert and Master Teacher



November 8, 2015

From: Judy Ellis

Dear Friend,

You may have heard me gush about Kim St. Jean before. And if you haven't, well, you're about to get blasted by a pretty good amount of gush!

Why? For starters, Kim is one of the world's greatest experts on stone-setting. When you watch and learn how to craft a new project from her, it's nothing short of magic.

But I'm even more thrilled than usual about her new DVD series "Stone-Setting with Tubes" because in it, she shares a project she's never before shared with anyone else!

Pretty amazing, huh?

It's Like Getting Top-Secret Spy Information!

Only you don't have to risk your life like James Bond and Jason Bourne do.

All you have to do is order Kim's incredible new DVD series, watch it, and try it for yourself.

Yep, it's that easy to learn a world-class jewelry project that no one else knows about.

And I mean nobody...

Not Even Kim's Students Have Learned This Project

Kim has taught jewelry-making master classes all over the country.

In fact, she's so in-demand, that people gladly pay $150 per class just to learn how to make one project. That works out to $450 for three projects.

But she's never shared the particular tube-setting project that she does in this DVD series.

I get goosebumps just writing that sentence.

You'll Pay Far Less Than $450 for this DVD Series -

And You Get to Learn a Project That No One's Ever Seen Before!

Yep, that's right. You'd pay $450 to take three of Kim's master classes.

That's how amazing of a teacher she is and how amazing her projects are.

People are happy to pay that much to learn at her feet, so to speak.

But watching Kim's DVDs is virtually the same as attending one of her master classes in person, only you pay A LOT LESS.

And the farthest you have to travel is all the way to the other room where you keep your laptop or DVD player.

And let's not forget that you can repeat any part of it until you get that technique just right.

There are so many wonderful advantages to buying these DVDs. Let's recap:

You Get More Than 75% Off the Price of Kim's Classes!

Plus, you get to watch Kim share her top-secret, exclusive tube-setting project.

You see what I mean about this being a deal you absolutely cannot pass up?

Let's Take a Closer Look at Kim's DVDS

Each DVD features Kim's expert step-by-step explanation and demonstration of one unique project from start to finish:

DVD Series 4 Stone Setting with Tubes
  • DVD #1: "Making Your Own Tube Setting"
  • DVD #2: "Two Stone Tube Pendant"
  • DVD #3: "Using a Tube to Set a Stone on Another Stone" (the project she's never taught anyone else before!)"

This DVD series will open up the fascinating world of tube-setting right before your very eyes!

Here's a little preview of this powerhouse series, along with a list of valuable tube-setting techniques that Kim teaches you:

Kim St. Jean DVD Series: "Stone-Setting with Tubes"

      Plan your jewelry design and set stones using tube settings
      Use Tubes to set a faceted stone perfectly every time
      Make your own tube bezel
      Holding a stone using a tube set rivet
      Drill a Stone
      Setting a stone on top of another stone
      Use a micro motor hammerhead attachment
      Set beads with holes
      Set a lamp-work bead so that every side can be enjoyed

You'll learn all of these brilliant tube techniques and more!

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This incredible launch will only last for a short time, so you MUST HURRY to take advantage of this rock-bottom price.

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