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You've Never Seen This Many Ways to Set Stones Using Prongs!

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Kim St. Jean

You Can Master all of Kim's Stone-Setting with Prongs Techniques!

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"The four jewelry pieces we make with prongs and tabs in this series are so beautiful, you won't believe you can make them. But my favorite aspect is how varied they are - from super unique to very traditional. I think you'll really enjoy watching these DVDs!"

Kim St. Jean,
Stone-Setting Expert and Master Teacher



November 8, 2015

From: Judy Ellis

Dear Friend,

Like most of you, there was a time when I didn't know the first thing about jewelry-making..

It was a time when I really had no idea what I was missing.

And now, I can't even imagine my life without the fun, creativity, and challenge of crafting jewelry.

And I'm always ready to take my skills and knowledge to the next level and learn something totally new!

If you feel anywhere close to how I feel, you're going to love the new DVD series called "Stone-Setting with Prongs" from Kim St. Jean.

Take Your Skills to the Next Level!

Kim St. Jean is one of the world's leading experts on stone-setting with prongs

And in her new DVD series, she carefully explains and demonstrates powerhouse, step-by-step processes for becoming an expert in prong-setting!

It's the same elite level of instruction you would get if you personally attended Kim's master classes.

Watching her new DVDs will definitely open up a new world of jewelry-making for you!

It did for me anyway. And I'm willing to bet it'll do the same for you!

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Watching Kim's DVDs is virtually the same as attending one of her master classes in person, only you pay A LOT LESS.

And the farthest you have to travel is all the way to the other room where you keep your laptop or DVD player.

And let's not forget that you can repeat any part of it until you get that technique just right.

There are so many wonderful advantages to buying these DVDs.

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Kim's DVDs Open Up New Worlds of Stone-Setting

Each DVD features Kim's expert step-by-step explanation and demonstration of one unique project from start to finish::

DVD Series 5 Stone Setting with Bezels
  • DVD #1: "Using Prongs to Make Wickets"
  • DVD #2: "Using Prongs to Make A Traditional Piece"
  • DVD #3: "Using Big, Gnarly Prongs to Create a Wild Look"
  • DVD #4 "Using Tabs and Pattern Wire"

These DVDs really will take your jewelry-making skills to new heights! You'll love what you're learning.

And your family and friends will be amazed at the new pieces you create!

Here's a little preview of this powerful four-DVD series, along with a list of valuable prong and tab techniques that Kim teaches you:

Kim St. Jean DVD Series: "Stone-Setting with Prongs"

      Plan your jewelry design using prongs.
      Learn Kim's rule of prongs.
      Design your own bail using four different methods.
      Learn to use tabs to hold your stone in place.
      Saw out space for your faceted stones in a metal sheet.
      Use wire prongs to hold a non-uniform stone or mineral.
      Create freeform designs in metal and saw them out.
      Learn more finishing techniques that will completely change your piece.

You'll learn all of these brilliant prong techniques and more! And wait until you see the amazing pieces that Kim creates!

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"How much will I save by buying the DVD series?"

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