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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

From: Judy Ellis

Re: How you can invest just 2 hours, and DISCOVER how to make 4 different pieces of BEAUTIFUL wire jewelry with only a few basic techniques...

Dear Friend,

MOST Jewelry Projects are just TOO hard, cost TOO much, and require TOO many tools, supplies, and little trinkets you don't have, and in turn NEVER get made or enjoyed...

Did you know that Experienced Jewelry Artists know how to take a handful of "combination techniques" that enable them to create an entire line of different designs?

Have you ever felt like I have, that it can take MONTHS just to finish one jewelry piece; while your friends seem to have a bottomless jewelry box of new pieces and designs?

Are you stuck because you feel you still don't know ALL the techniques?

I Totally Understand

It's not your fault, you've probably heard a million opinions and got some free advice (usually worth about what you pay for it) and you're more confused than ever...

That's OK. This is what I do, so help is on the way.

The Best System for Quickly Making Unique Combination Pieces of Jewelry In The World

You could go out and buy EVERY DVD on, read every blog post we've ever written, spend DAYS interviewing industry insiders, and actually go to Expensive In Person Classes and Jewelry Shows like I have, and it would be totally worth it, but it's not cheap!


Get this simple 2 Hour DVD & Supply Kit that shows you step-by-step how to make these 4 amazing pieces of Jewelry and condenses down everything I've learned about wire and pliers techniques into a short, watch and learn project...

No fluff. Just an easy step-by-step, follow along project... and by the end you'll have made this:

But Wait, There's More...

This is WAY more than just a DVD that walks you step-by-step through how to make:

  • The beautiful La-Te-Dah Bracelet
  • An exquisite La-Te-Dah Necklace
  • The La-Te-Dah All purpose chain
  • Amazing matching pendant and earrings

You'll also receive a COMPLETE supply kit, including every bead, every jump ring and every inch of wire you need to make this entire set of jewelry included with this DVD... and did I mention this is all free?

Here's everything included in the supply kit:

  • 5 feet of 16-gauge copper wire for links, charms, and clasps...
  • 2 feet of 18-guage copper wire for the charms
  • 3 feet of 20-gauge copper wire for charms and ear wires...
  • 70 jump rings, 18-guage 4.0mm ID copper jump rings
  • A handpicked assortment of beads, spacers, and bead caps
  • Copper Ear Wires
  • 16-guage 6.0mm ID jump ring for pendant
  • All the Jump Rings you need for your extender chain

I Can't Take Credit For The System

I consulted EVERYBODY that I knew who was a success at teaching anyone to use simple wire and pliers techniques, talked to all our instructors and artists, and finally discovered that Patti Bullard had what I was looking for...

She's the creator of the amazingly popular Wubbers Pliers Brand and the Jewelry Artist featured in our best selling Metalworking 101 DVD Series...

After begging and pleading with her to reveal her best projects and techniques, she finally let me in on a secret. Experienced Jewelry artists know how to take a few techniques and use them to create an entire line of jewelry. They actually use this guarded principle to make interchangeable jewelry which allows them to do one project that produces multiple finished pieces.

Flabbergasted, I begged her to do a new DVD series and reveal at least one project using these techniques, and finally she agreed.

In fact, she over delivered, I'll explain more in a minute.

Don't let the short length of this DVD project fool you. This is one of the BEST projects that Patti has been refining for YEARS.

We will show you how to quickly and easily make A LOT of beautiful jewelry without having to master an endless list of different techniques.

It is truly, the best of the best there is, and the system is simple and FAST to learn so you'll be able to open the box the DVD and accompanying supply kit come in, and get started making all these pieces in less time than it would take you to go to a movie...


What's The Catch? How and
Why Everything I've
Mentioned So Far Is Free?

Before I explain how and why this is free, let's add up the full value of this amazing offer:

  • The La-Te-Dah DVD: 2 Full hours of a start to finish project that will help you create 4 uniquely different pieces of stunningly beautiful jewelry INCLUDING the matching earings & pendant combination

  • ($39.95 Value) In part I: You'll learn the secrets of the bracelet that form the core of all these pieces, which you'll build off of later

  • ($39.95 Value) In part II: You'll discover how to use combination techniques to turn this bracelet into a necklace, make matching earrings, and a stylish pendant

  • ($45.05 Value) You'll also receive the entire supply kit to make all the pieces plus the extender necklace chain

The entire La-Te-Dah System is
Valued at $124.95

So, why would I be able to just flat out give you an entire jewelry making system that is clearly worth $124.95 for free, and not even ask you to cover shipping?

Well, here's the catch:

You actually cannot buy this La-Te-Dah DVD and the accompanying supply kit...

It isn't sold separately, and you can only get it for free when you buy the entire Wire & Pliers DVD Series.

Right now, we're offering this amazing jewelry making system as special incentive for the re-launch of this amazing new Wire & Pliers DVD series... and we'll only be offering this special for the next 200 people who buy the series...


Introducing The Complete

Wire & Pliers 6 DVD Series


Here's just a taste of what you'll receive when you order this series:


DVD1: Loops and Swirls Bracelets

Value: $39.95




DVD2: Sorrento Scroll Link Bracelet

Value: $39.95




DVD3: Elegant Swirls Earrings, Tribal Spirals

Earrings, And Interchangeable Swirls Earrings

Value: $39.95





DVD4: Square Link Bracelets: Cattleman's

Crossing, Butterfly Trails, Regal Crowns

Value: $39.95




DVD5: Lazy Daisy Bracelet

Value: $39.95




DVD6: Chainmail with a Twist

Value: $39.95


Total Value of The Wire & Pliers DVD Series: $239.70
The La-Te-Dah Jewelry System, Valued At: $124.95

For a total value of $364.65

Now today, you won't pay that, not even close... Before I tell you the price, let me tell you two more things I'll do for you...

First, I'm going to give you my "Double" You'll Love It Guarantee! There will be no risk at all, if you don't LOVE this new series as much as I do you get all your money back, if you actually make something and don't LOVE it you can get TWICE your money back...keep reading for all the details!

Second, if you order today...I'm going to include instant access to the online streaming video format of all 21 projects in the Wire & Pliers Series and the La-Te-Dah Interchangeable Jewelry System, so you can start watching now and you won't even have to wait for the DVD's and Supplies to arrive in the mail!

I'm going to make you an offer you simply cannot refuse!

So How Much Does This Amazing
6 DVD Wire & Pliers Set Cost?

Let's add up the total value, one more time, and recap everything that's included:

  • First you'll receive the Entire La-Te-Dah Jewelry System (DVD's & Online Streaming)
    ($124.95 Retail Value) Including:
    • ($79.90 Retail Value)Both parts of the La-Te-Dah Jewelry System Video Instruction on 1 DVD
    • ($45.05 Retail Value) The entire copper supply kit including EVERY supply you need to finish this amazing project (tools NOT included)
    Total Value Of The La-Te-Dah System: $124.95
  • Next you'll receive the entire Wire & Pliers 6 Part Series (DVD's & Online Streaming) featuring, Patti Bullard
    • DVD1: Loops and Swirls Bracelets (Value: $39.95)
    • DVD2: Sorrento Scroll Link Bracelet (Value: $39.95)
    • DVD3: Elegant Swirls Earrings, Tribal Spirals Earrings, And Interchangeable Swirls Earrings (Value: $39.95)
    • DVD4: Square Link Bracelets: Cattleman's Crossing, Butterfly Trails, Regal Crowns (Value: $39.95)
    • DVD5: Lazy Daisy Bracelet (Value: $39.95)
    • DVD6: Chainmail with a Twist (Value: $39.95)
    Total Value Of the entire Wire & Pliers 6 Part Series: $239.70

When we add it all up, drum roll...


TOTAL VALUE: $364.65

Today's price is Just: $188.46

(Gold Club Price just $141.35)

Right now during this special Sale I'm only charging $188.46 for everything listed above, the entire la-Te-Dah System, the supply kit, AND the 6 Part Wire & Pliers set!

If you're thinking, "$188.46 is such a HUGE discount! What's the catch?"

Then you're right, this price and offer definitely won't last forever, we'll only offer the supply kit for free for the next 200 orders.

So if you're serious about finishing these amazing jewelry pieces click the "Order Now" button below.

My "Double" You'll Love
It Guarantee

Guarantee #1 If for any reason you think the Wire & Pliers Series isn't the best $188.46 you've ever spent just send an email to and we will let you return the product and refund your entire $188.46

Guarantee #2 If you actually complete any project from at least one Video in the series and you don't fall in love with what you've made, send in a picture of what you created and we will let you return the product and actually refund TWICE your money ($376.92), in the form of a gift card on All I ask is that you give the project your honest effort.

How is that for fair?

I'll even let you keep any of the supply kit you've already used for free.



I'll Only Sell 200
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Click on the "Add To Cart" button below to get your copy of Wire & Pliers™ AND the "La-Te-Dah Jewelry System"™ Risk-Free for just $188.46...


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Today Only $188.46

(Gold Club Price just $141.35)

Here is the Real Proof

We are now shipping these DVDs and I'm happy to report we are already getting awesome feedback. My new friend Audra from Michigan sent in this photo.

"I completed the La-Te-Dah project with much excitement. I loved the DVD, materials, and Patti's instruction provided for the jewelry project! It challenged me and taught me new wire working skills. I am looking forward to the next project that will launch!"

Audra L. Stock
Wayne, MI

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PS: If you have any hesitation or question before you order, we'd be more than happy to talk to you, our customer advocates are standing by to take your call at 1(877) 636-0608

PPS: You are 100% protected by our 'Iron-Clad Double Guarantee' so it's actually safer to order now and send the product back for a full refund if you're not satisfied than to miss out on this amazing offer