Welcome to the 2012 Druzy Contest!

2012 Druzy Contest Winners

Taking home a $100 Gift Certificate and her choice of 100 Swarovski® beads or 2 Individual wire jewelry DVDs: Jelena Louie with her piece, Something Blue:

Something Blue by Jelena Louie

Taking home a $150 gift certificate to wirejewelry.com and her choice of a free cabochon assortment or 2 jewelry DVDs of her choice: Marian Davis with her piece, Something:

Something by Marian Davis

Taking home the Grand Prize, a $200 Gift Certificate to wirejewelry.com, a 2-month Free Shipping Pass, AND 1 month Featured on the homepage of wirejewelry.com, is Michel Hanson with her piece, Blue Lagoon Pendant!

Blue Lagoon Pendant by Michel Hanson

Congratulations to Michel, Marian, and Jelena! Thanks to everyone who entered, and to all our voters. You made this an inspiring and exciting contest!! See you next time!

Contest Theme: "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue"

This saying dates back to the Victorians, and is meant to bring good luck and happiness to a marriage! This time of year when many minds are on weddings - especially for jewelry designers - let's be inspired by this saying.

Whether you choose to be inspired by the whole phrase, or concentrate on just one of the four "somethings," this year's Druzy contest challenges you to create a meaningful piece that would bring good luck and happiness.

In this year's Druzy contest, each submission must include one of wirejewelry.com's new Druzies in the piece. Whether the focus is your wire work or the Druzy itself, we can't wait to see what you design!

How to Vote

Explore the Contest Entries: there are 7 pages of entries to vote for! (You don't even have to register!)

Click the picture of the entry you'd like to vote for. Hover over the stars, and click to set your rating. 1 is lowest, 10 stars is highest.

You can rate each entry on a scale of 1-10! You have until July 8, 2012 to cast your votes. We'll announce the winner the week of July 9!

Sorry, you cannot vote for your own entry.

How to Enter the Contest

  1. Browse wirejewelry.com's one-of-a-kind Druzy Cabochons. Let them inspire you! Think of the design for your unique jewelry piece. Make sure to incorporate a druzy in the design (required)! (Druzy must have been ordered from wirejewelry.com between May 1 - June 30, 2012)
  2. Ok, your stone's arrived! Create your wire jewelry piece in accordance with the "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue" theme, and take a nice picture* of the final design.
  3. Name your creation. Write a little summary of what inspired your piece, why you chose its name, and how it fits with, or was inspired by, this year's theme. This should be brief, about 100 words or less.
  4. Submit your entry! You will be able to submit your entry through this page beginning May 14. The contest will be open for entry May 14 - June 30. Voting will be from July 2-8 and winners will be announced the week after voting closes. Contest entries may not be changed after voting begins.
  5. If you have any questions, please submit an email ticket to wirejewelry Customer Service.

How to Enter the Contest Online

First, go to www.wirejewelry.com/contests. Then, Register to create your profile. Fill out your profile page: you will be able to add your first entry ("project") and your project description. Press "Register" at the bottom and you're set!

You will need to check your email inbox at this point to activate your account. You will get an email with your new username, password, and the activation link: be sure to click it!

After you've activated your account, you can submit up to 2 additional contest entries, or projects. We will be approving new accounts and photos every day (your photo will not appear until it is approved).

Just a reminder, you have until June 30 to submit your entries. Voting will be open July 2 - 8, and winners will be announced the week of July 9.

Good luck! I can't wait to see what you've made!

The Rules of the Contest

  • Anyone can enter the contest, even if you have won or participated in any of our past contests or Wire Artist of the Month. It is open to professionals and amateurs; everyone has a chance to win.
  • You can use any materials in addition to wire and the druzy you choose to create your unique piece. Be creative!
  • Your piece must follow the theme of "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue." Make sure to explain how your piece fits in the theme in your entry.
  • There is no fee to enter the contest, but you must use a product listed in any of the Druzy categories that was purchased from wirejewelry.com between May 1 - June 30, 2012. Be prepared to submit your order number, should you win.
  • We encourage original designs; however, we will accept submissions that are made from a pattern or video. If your submission is not original, please include the original designer and pattern name (for example, "I based this pendant on Albina Manning's Golden Medallion Pendant.")
  • Each person is allowed to enter up to 3 separate pieces of jewelry for the contest, 1 picture per piece. Each jewelry piece should be unique from the others. Multiple images of the same piece will be deleted. Watermarks and text on images are not allowed.
  • Each entry must have a unique project name.
  • Each entry must be accompanied by a small paragraph describing the inspiration behind your piece, and why you chose its name.
  • Failure to comply with contest rules may result in disqualification.
  • All entries must be submitted by June 30, 2012. This contest is decided by votes. Winners will be announced the week of July 9, 2012.

Legal Disclaimer: By entering the contest you are giving wirejewelry.com/Home Jewelry Business, LLC. permission to use all images and other information concerning your entry online, in print or in any other medium. Furthermore, by submitting your entry, you acknowledge that at no future date will wirejewelry.com/Home Jewelry Business, LLC., its employees, affiliates, or owners, owe or release any royalties to the original creator for the submitted design.


While the quality of your pictures aren't technically a basis for judging, if our judges can't see the details of your piece because the photos are fuzzy, too bright, too dark, or too small, we won't be able to make a good evaluation! So we recommend using good lighting (early morning or late afternoon sunlight), taking the picture with a tripod and a timer (if available), and submitting pictures that are 3" by 3" (900 x 900 pixels), at least 180dpi. Please, do not include watermarks on your photographs; images that have your name or your business name in them will be removed.


Winners will be chosen by the wirejewelry community. To vote for a design, visit our contest gallery. Voting will be open July 2-8. Prizes will be awarded to the 3 designs which received the highest votes.


Ah, the best part! We will have three winners, and we'll announce them the week of July 9. Here are the prizes:

  • First Prize: $200 gift certificate to wirejewelry.com PLUS a 2-month Free Shipping Pass* AND 1 month featured on the homepage of wirejewelry.com
  • Second Prize: $150 Gift Certificate to wirejewelry.com AND a free cabochon assortment or 2 individual DVDs of your choice
  • Third Prize: $100 Gift Certificate to wirejewelry.com AND an assortment of 100 Swarovski® beads or 2 individual DVDs of your choice!

* - international winners will be awarded a prize of similar value

Good Luck!

The wirejewelry Team