How to Compress Your Weave
by Sarah Thompson
It's not always easy to keep your wire weaving snug and tight. But have no fear! You can always compress your weaving together periodically as you go. Here are a few hints on how to work those woven wires into small spaces.
Part of a good weave is to compress, or push down, the weave as you work. For me, I stop every ΒΌ of an inch or so to compress. This serves two purposes:

  • The first is to make a more consistent texture with the weave from top to bottom.

  • The second is to give my hands the opportunity to stretch, this helps with hand fatigue.
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    Since we are working with wire, pushing the weave down can wreak havoc on your nails. I end up with grooves in my thumb nails, sometimes I have even split my nail. Over the years my nails have become stronger and I still prefer using my fingers, but my students have come up with some good tools that can be found around the house that do a great job pushing the weave down

  • Cuticle sticks are great and can get into tight spaces. I use these when my nails are too short.

  • old credit cards

  • a guitar pick

  • pink eraser
  • Sarah Thompson's How to Compress Your Weave - , Wire Weaving, Weaving, Wire Weaving, Weaving Wire, Items to compress wire weaving
    Avoid using metal. Using your beading awl, or pliers do work but because they have no give to them all it takes is apply too much pressure or pushing at the wrong angle and at the best you break your weaving wire, at the worst you end up scraping down the entire woven strip gouging it as you go. If this happens your weave is ruined and you have to start all over. For me it is not worth the risk. This is why I turn to tools that are softer than the wire.

    I hope that these simple tips help you with your wire weaving.

    Happy Wrapping!


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