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Foredom MSMK-10 Maintenance Kit for Flex Shaft Motors

Product ID: G22-MSMK-10
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Kit includes inner shaft, pair of motor brushes, grease, and operation manual. Maintenance Kits for flex shaft machines with key tip shafts (NOT Square Drive) are suitable for 115 and 230 Volt models, except where noted. Contains: shaft, grease, pair of motor brushes, operating manual. Sheath NOT included.

MSMK-16 – For Series TX and Series LX Motors
MSMK-10 – For 1/6HP Series SR Motors
MSMK-8 – For Discontinued 1/8HP Series SR and S Motors
MSMK-9 –For Discontinued 1/10HP Series CC 115 Volt Motors ONLY
MSMK-9A – For Discontinued1/10HP Series CC 230 Volt Motors ONLY


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