Testimonials from our Satisfied Customers


"I found your website by accident, and have loved it for the past couple of weeks. Thank you, and the people at wirejewelry, for helping me explore the creativity in me"


"I want you to know that your website is addicting!!"


"I have learned a lot and am amazed at how easy a concept this is!"


"I have really enjoyed looking at your site. I love reading your tips."

Johnnie Sue

"Several weeks ago I bought 6 50x30 opalite cabs and when they arrived I wish I had gotten twenty. They are beautiful...Thanks so much and I am veeeery happy with the ones I got."


"Hi I am very pleased every day to get your information on my email and I like your prices which are better then others. Not going to name them,but it is the truth. Thanks I do enjoy shopping on your company. Lots of Luck"

Barbara P.

"I've been making jewelry for a few years and began making the wire wrapped jewelry a little over 2 years ago. I had seen very little information on it until last fall at a bead show where I was able to take one session of a series where I learned about the proper wire to use and some sources for purchasing supplies. I learned a little bit about tools and purchased a basic set. Until that time I had been using a pair of wire cutters and a very basic multi-purpose tool to do everthing and was twisting all of my wire by hand. I had developed callouses on my fingers and sometimes had soreness in my hands and fingers from working with the wire.

Last August I purchased a lap top computer so that I no longer had to ask my son if I could use his (with his assistance). Shortly after that I had to set my hobby aside for more important family issues--like the birth of our 3rd grandchild. Early this year I found Wire Sculpture and began receiving your daily tips but hadn't noticed the E-course on the website until more recently. I found the E-course to be very informative and helpful, and your daily tips are great. I was glad to find out that I was already doing some of the things that you recommend, but I have much to learn. One of the things at the top of my daily routine is going to your Wire Sculpture website to see what the daily tip and the daily deal are. I have been pleased with purchases that I have made from Wire Sculpture.

I love making jewelry, and wire wrapping has added another dimension to my projects. I have given away far more jewelry than I have sold, but I know that this can be a successful business venture if I devote a little more time and effort to it. I have done several trunk shows with limited success, I would like to try selling some of my jewelry online. That's the area that I need help with most--computer skills.

Thank you for the services that you provide to us through Wire Sculpture. You have become an important part of my life. "

Tracey E.

"Thanks, Dale and all the folks at wirejewelry for all you do to spoil us rotten. Love you all!"

Marie F.

"LOVE the new site and everything about it!"

Lisa N.

"As a newbee to wire jewelry, this site has helped a lot. Thanks."

Lenell L.

"I enjoy the daily blog. Looking forward to questions and the answers, helps answer some of my questions on wire wrapping."

Pat A.

"Thanks for this - extremely useful to me as a novice beader ;o)"

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