Wire Wrapped Techniques

Sometimes when working on a piece of wire jewelry you come across a kinked wire, an uneven chain, or need to twist your wire and find yourself getting frustrated because fixing these issues seems too aggravating and difficult. These seem to be some common issues and we've addressed them in our wire jewelry video tutorials. We'll explain some basic wire wrapping techniques here, but if you'd like a visual, feel free to check out the videos!

First off we'll look at a wire wrapped technique for removing a kink in your wire. If you have a severe enough kink that doesn't seem to want to straighten, you may just want to cut it off instead of straightening it out. If it appears to be a kink or bend that will straighten easily then grab a pair of flat nose pliers and give this a try. Put the bent wire corner in the pliers, near the bottom of the pliers, and bend in the opposite direction of the kink until it straightens. If you are following wire wrapped pendant instructions and are using the bent wire as wrap wire for your wire jewelry, you may want to reconsider as the bent wire may be work hardened and there is a chance it could break when tightened.

The next wire wrapped technique that you may find helpful is how to cut even chains. If you need to use chain for your wire jewelry, you're probably used to simply counting each chain before cutting. This wire wrapped technique is fine if you're cutting a short piece of chain, but can sometimes be tedious. Another method you may want to consider for your wire jewelry is to use a ruler to measure your desired chain length. Then, after cutting your first piece, slide it onto a straight piece of scrap wire so it's dangling. Next, take a second piece of chain and hang it beside the first. Simply cut the second chain at the same place as the first, and you have two equal lengths of wire for your wire jewelry making.

Finally, if your wire wrapped jewelry pattern or wire wrap jewelry instructions call for twisted wire, you can follow this very simple wire wrapped technique (Video: How to Twist Jewelry Wire. One wire wrapped technique is to use a sliding pin vise. Just take your wire and place 1/8" inside the vise and tighten. Grasp the free end of the wire with a pair of flat nose pliers and twist the vise. If you have an automatic wire twister, or drill, and would prefer to use this wire wrapping tool, then you'll follow the same wire wrapped technique as with the vise. Place 1/8" of your wire inside the bit and tighten. Grasp the free end of the wire with your flat nose pliers, press the trigger of the drill, or wire twister, and it will automatically twist your wire.

These are some simple wire wrapped techniques for you to follow if you get stuck in your wire wrapped jewelry pattern. You don't need a bunch of wire wrapping tools or equipment to solve and apply these basic wire wrapping techniques.