Wire Wrapped Jewelry Q & A

Q: What kinds of wire wrapped jewelry can I make?

A: When it comes to wire wrapped jewelry, the options are endless. Any type of jewelry you already wear can be made from wire! Wire wrapped necklaces, wire wrapped earrings, wire wrapped rings, wire wrapped bracelets, even anklets and toe rings are all possible. You could even make individual wire wrapped pieces and attach them to a headband, make a wire wrapped pin, or keychain.

Q: How can I make my wire wrapped jewelry unique?

A: To make a unique piece of wire wrapped jewelry try different types of wire, wire wrapped pendants and wire wrapped stones. To make wire wrapped earrings unique just add beads. You can even add beads and stones to rings creating a wire wrap bead ring. You can always follow a wire wrapped pattern and put your own spin on it. Try a different color of bead, or wire. No two pieces of jewelry are alike and that's just one of the reasons handcrafted wire jewelry is so exciting.

Q: I have made a lot of wire wrapped jewelry. Now what do I do with it?

A: If your friends and family have all the wire wrapped accessories they can handle, why not try selling your creations? You can sell online, at craft fairs, farmer's markets, and at local stores in your community. You can even make wire wrapped pendants and wire wrapped stones (including wire wrapped gemstones and wire wrapped crystals) and sell them to people to create their own jewelry. If you master the craft of wire wrapped jewelry and want to share your wire wrapping techniques with the world, you can always teach. There's nothing more satisfying than teaching someone the art of wire wrapped jewelry and watching their own designs come to life!