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Kim St. Jean

You can master all of Kim's Stone-Setting Techniques!

"After viewing this stone setting series you will be able to choose any stone that you like, regardless of shape or cut, then design and set it with a unique, one of a kind setting. You will discover how to use a variety of materials to make traditional as well as unconventional settings."

Kim St. Jean,
Stone-Setting Expert and Master Teacher



May 6, 2015

From: Judy Ellis

Dear Friend,

Thank you so much for ordering our free DVD series featuring Kim St. Jean! You will get a taste of all five of her powerful, proven stone-setting techniques!

I know you will love the DVDs as much as I did!

I found myself getting more excited with each DVD I watched...

I found myself wishing I could learn even more!

Which is why I'm ecstatic to introduce a way for you (and me) to discover ALL of the stone-setting techniques and projects that have sprung from Kim's genius mind.

Your Free DVD Series Is
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In all of wirejewelry.com's history, we have never offered an entire DVD series for free until we did exactly that with Kim's Introduction to Stone Setting.

And you were so smart to grab that offer for two big reasons:

      1) You will be able to enjoy five free DVDs and learn five fun projects from Kim herself.
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See why I'm nothing short of giddy about this?

You'd Pay $2,400 to Learn All of Kim's Projects in Her Classes...

Because Kim is such a master teacher, her classes cost an average of $150 each. Trust me, they're worth twice that much – that's how good she is.

But you'd learn just one project per class.

In our new stone-setting package, you'll learn 16 different projects! If you were to take 16 classes from Kim, you'd be paying $2,400 total.

It probably goes without saying that you'll pay much, much less for our offer. But I'm saying it anyway. :)

You'd Pay Nearly $800 If You Bought Kim's DVD Sets at Full Retail Price...

A comprehensive package of all of Kim's stone-setting techniques and projects has never before been offered together like we're doing.

Yes, if you want to master all of them, you can purchase each of the new sets as they are released over the next several weeks — at full retail price.

And that will run you almost $800. I don't know about you, but that's a little out of my budget!

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How can we offer such a mind-blowing low price for so much valuable content?

Bundling! You've heard that term before in other industries, but it works for us as well.

The more we offer in this package, the bigger the savings for you! (On top of the free DVD series you already have.)

So, just how many DVD sets are we offering? Keep reading...

Presenting Five Different Stone-Setting DVD Sets from Kim St. Jean!

Yes, here's your chance to blow up your stone-setting skill set and really wow your family and friends!

We're offering all five of Kim's Stone-Setting DVD Sets in one amazing package:

  • Stone-Setting with Wire Series                         (3 DVDs)
  • Stone-Setting with Cold Connections Series  (3 DVDs)
  • Stone-Setting with Prongs Series                    (4 DVDs)
  • Stone-Setting with Tubes Series                      (3 DVDs)
  • Stone-Setting with Bezels Series                     (3 DVDs)

That's 16 DVDs total, each featuring Kim's powerful, proven techniques and step-by-step formulas. Kim will walk you through 16 stone-setting projects from start to finish.

You'll have 16 more projects to master, on top of the five you already have coming.

In these five DVD sets, Kim teaches you every single stone-setting technique and project she has to share!

Kim Covers Every Conceivable Detail, Tip, and Question

With her years of experience and her innovative imagination, Kim has truly perfected the stone-setting process.

She's already made all of the mistakes, so you don't have to.

Here's a little preview of each series, along with a list of everything Kim teaches you:

DVD Series 1: Stone-Setting with Wire

DVD Series 1 Stone Setting with Wire
      Centuries old technique of Wire-weaving
      How to craft handmade wire rivets
      Solder wire to metal sheet
      How to plan your wire design
      Add texture for a finished look unlike any manufactured jewelry
      How a patina finish changes the entire look of your finished piece
      Create perfect wire prongs every single time
      How to use a thick wall wire bezel to hold your stone perfectly in place
      Multi-layering to add dimension to your design
      How to sweat solder so you don't melt your wire
      Drawing a bead on the end of a wire
      How to set non-traditionally-shaped stones

DVD Series 2: Stone-Setting with Cold Connections

DVD Series 2 Stone Setting with Cold Connections
      Setting a stone using hidden prongs and turtle prongs
      How to plan your design using cold connections so that your piece does not come apart
      When to use texture and patina to create the perfect finish every time
      How to make your own jump rings and create a unique bail system
      When to use wire rivets versus tube rivets
      How to use Paddling to create the perfect surface for a cold connection
      Piercing metal with a jeweler's saw
      How to Properly saw with a jeweler's saw
      Proper bench setup
      How to use a micro motor
      Why most hole punches don't work
      How to use a new riveting system that will change the way you rivet
      Sanding and finishing to create a professional looking piece
      How to turn your scraps into matching finished jewelry
      Using precut metal blanks to save time and create unique designs

DVD Series 3: Stone-Setting with Prongs

DVD Series 3 Stone Setting with Prongs
      How to plan your jewelry design using prongs
      Kim's rules of prongs
      How to design your own bail using 4 different methods
      When to use tabs to hold your stone in place
      How to saw out space for your faceted stones in metal sheet
      Use wire prongs to hold a non-uniform stone or mineral
      How to create freeform designs in metal and saw them out
      More finishing techniques that will completely change your final piece

DVD Series 4: Stone-Setting with Tubes

DVD Series 4 Stone Setting with Tubes
      How to plan your jewelry design and set stones using tube settings
      Tube-setting a faceted stone perfectly every time
      How to Make your own tube bezel
      Holding a stone using a tube set rivet
      How to drill a Stone
      Setting a stone on top of a stone
      How to use a micro motor hammerhead attachment
      Setting beads with holes
      How to Set a lamp-work bead so that every side can be enjoyed

DVD Series 5: Stone-Setting with Bezels

DVD Series 5 Stone Setting with Bezels
      Designing and planning out your bezel setting
      How to adjust the bezel for a perfect fit
      Make a silver ring from scratch using wire and sheet metal
      How to make a bail from square wire
      Soldering a sterling silver bezel
      How to build up your stone to really show it off
      Using double half round wire for the perfect ring shank
      How to perfectly finish your sterling silver
      Save silver and money designing open back bezels

So How Much Are We Discounting for All Five DVD Sets?

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Guarantee #3
If you watch any of the DVDs and make at least one stone-setting project, and you can honestly say that you're not in love with your new skills and the jewelry you made, send pictures of what you made and send your new DVDs back. We'll give you full refund (in the form of a gift card) AND give you any other DVD set in the store absolutely free. Now, how's that for a promise?!

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