Silver Plated Copper Craft Wire

Here at wirejewelry we are extremely excited to be telling you about our newest product, silver plated copper craft wire! We're proud to be bringing this to wirejewelry and to our wonderful, loyal customers. This colorful, unique wire will bring a whole new level of wire wrap to your work while adding some extra fun! If you're not familiar with silver plated copper craft wire, we'd like to tell you all about it.

Silver plated copper craft wire is made by plating copper wire with a layer of fine silver. The wire is then coated with the colored enamel. Because of the silver layer, the wire has a brilliant shine that we know you'll love. This colored wire brings a customized personality to everything you create with it. Your customers will love the individuality and wearing a design that they can say is truly unique.

Silver plated copper craft wire, although difficult to say, is not difficult to use. We especially love creating jewelry with this chromatic wire. On your next project, try substituting your 20-gauge sterling silver wire with our 20-gauge fuchsia silver plated copper craft wire. Those earrings you were about to make just turned into a wild pair that will catch everyone's eye! Swap your 26-gauge silver plated wire for our 26-gauge peacock blue and you've made a show stopping necklace. You can add drama and depth with colored wire, so why not give it a try? There are so many possibilities, the only thing stopping you is your own imagination.

We find that children really delight in making jewelry and other arts and crafts with silver plated copper craft wire. They can make simple flower shaped earrings or decorate a birthday card. Besides jewelry you can make holiday decorations such as spiders for Halloween, spiral Christmas trees, or even a turkey for your Thanksgiving Day centerpiece. You can make bookmarks, decorate candle holders, crochet and knit, and even decorate scrapbook pages.

Silver plated copper craft wire is incredibly versatile and FUN! We know you'll find hundreds, even thousands, of different items to make. The color of the wire is something everyone will adore. It's sure to be an eye catcher as customers walk by your display. You'll be able to offer something that nobody else has, and when you make jewelry by hand it's always an original piece. From jewelry to holiday decor, the sky's the limit. Get your silver plated copper craft wire today and get creative!

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