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Spring Adornment Gift of Love
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Classy Gems Jeweler's Corner
Modern Jewelry Open Skies

I'm about to show you the one secret that virtually all Wire Jewelry Artists fail to use.  And for those that do use this technique – they don’t have ALL of the tools necessary to really thrive at it! Why? Not because it's complicated, expensive, or torture to implement… but simply because of ignorance. They don't know. It may be the most overlooked strategy out there right now.

They're leaving money on the table…. maybe even thousands of dollars.

But YOU don't have to.

When you learn how easy it is to start using this low-cost technique – you’ll be amazed that you didn’t do it sooner!

It's exhilarating. And maddening. When it hits you, you may feel like smashing your fist through your car roof.

In 1850 a farmer in Northwest Pennsylvania gave up farming and moved to Canada to work for his cousin who was prospecting for oil.

His farm sold for $833, not really a great price, even in those days.

The new owner walked out to water his cattle one morning and found that the creek had a big board running across it to channel away black scum that was floating on the top of the water.

The previous owner had discovered that his cattle wouldn't drink the black scum, but with board in place, it easily flowed off to one side, leaving the water clear for the cows.

Turns out, the black scum was really "black gold". Oil. (Or, as the guy sings on the Beverly Hillbillies, "Texas Tea.") The farm became known as "Drake's Well" and later, the town of Titusville was build around it.

That lowly farm produced hundreds of millions of dollars in crude oil.

The kicker: His cousin in Canada, the first owner of the farm, never did find much oil. The man went to his grave poor and ignorant, as the first major US oil rig happily pumped millions of dollars of oil a day right from his old backyard.

The cause of poverty and misfortune?


Not knowing how much wealth he was already sitting on.

What's Your "Drake's Well"?

If you're like most of our clients and most of the wire jewelry makers out there that we consult with every day, then you could very well be like this farmer… rising early and going to bed late, managing myriad difficulties, juggling bills, pushing yourself harder, harder, harder…. and sitting on a colossal amount of wealth and not even knowing it.

What a shame to get sucker punched by the economy, all the while not knowing you could easily increase your profits by 50% - 300% just by tweaking a few things here or there and throwing the switch.

If you so desire, you can unlock these profits and experience more rewards for the efforts you are investing in your business.

So how can you increase your profits by 50%-300%?

This is the strategy that separates the beginners from the professionals in wire jewelry making.

We have been working with Claim the Web,  a web development company, over  the last several months. You may have noticed the new look and feel of the site, the improved changes to the category layout and the lightning fast speed thanks to the new server. Our sales have sky rocketed thanks to their advice and implementation of some very simple tools and principles. We have seen great success and want to pass on this amazing information to our valued customers.

Wire Sculpture has been negotiating for quite a long time with Claim the Web to offer our customers a special discounted rate to get your very own online jewelry store. One that is unique to YOU. One that has ALL the bells and whistles that will enable YOU to capture that additional 50%-300% profit.

Claim the Web has designed several custom jewelry templates to showcase your unique works of art. These templates start selling for around $349, depending on your individual needs and wants. This price is highly reduced from their normal ecommerce website pricing. You will also get a special discounted rate on the monthly Hosting that goes to pay for the maintenance of the site and ongoing technical support. The monthly hosting cost will drop from the usual $50 a month to only $35 a month.

If a customized website template isn't quite what you need for your online jewelry business, we have negotiated VERY LOW rates for all of Claim the Web's services. All you need to do is contact them today to review your individual needs and wants with one of their expert sales representatives. They'll be able to review your project with you and come up with a customized project just for you!


Take advantage of this exciting offer by contacting Claim the Web’s sales department at 1-888-606-6330 x105 or by simply filling out your information below. One of Claim the Web’s highly trained sales representatives will contact you shortly to review your jewelry website project with you.

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Click Here to View the Jewelry Website Templates Now! 

So what do you exactly get for $349?


  • Your choice of any of Claim the Web’s custom jewelry templates.
  • A fully functional ecommerce website that allows you to list and sell your unique pieces of jewelry.
  • Templates come complete with design, implementation, and shopping cart software.
  • Comprehensive training on your new site and shopping cart ( you’ll work with your own project manager during this whole process!)
  • Unique email addresses reflecting your unique domain name (Example: brandon@mydomainname.com).
  • wirejewelry.com will give you your very own gallery page on our site where you can list your products, images, etc.
  • A relationship with a credible, reliable, honest and a very responsive Ecommerce Company – Claim the Web.
  • Free Word Press blog directly on your website!


So, how will this help you capture those thousands of customers you are losing on?

  • Additional Sales Opportunities – Imagine yourself at your next jewelry show - far away from home and a customer wants to be able to purchase additional jewelry pieces from you later on….what would they have to do? Wait for the next expo that you hopefully will attend? Travel hundreds of miles to visit you at your home? Call you and have you email them pictures of your pieces? Why not just send them to your UNIQUE CUSTOMIZED WEBSITE? Now they can shop at their leisure on your site whenever they want to! 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • New Business – Claim the Web is highly experienced in helping you not only build a professional looking website, but also in making sure that you have LOTS of traffic coming to that website. They’re experienced in optimizing your website so that you’ll come up in search results in Google, Yahoo and the other search engines. They can help you put together your very own online marketing plan that will enable you to reach markets that you would have never dreamed was possible before having your custom website!
  • Repeat Business – Having a website allows for much smoother and more consistent repeat business. Customers can now keep your website in their favorites folder and refer to your jewelry pieces as often as they want. Customers can also pay with credit cards on your site – this simplifies and speeds up the purchase process for them!
  • Credibility – You will no longer have to give your customers a generic Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail address to have them contact you. Now you can stand out from your competitors and take your business to the next level by offering your customers a UNIQUE way to get in touch with you! With your website you’ll be able to set up many unique email addresses, such as: sales@mydomainname.com , brandon@mydomainname.com. These can be whatever you’d like them to be! This lets your customer know that you’re serious about jewelry making and the success of your products. You’re not just some Joe Beginner who will be here today and gone tomorrow.
  • Partnership with wirejewelry.com – In conjunction with this new jewelry website program, wirejewelry.com will give you the opportunity to have your very own gallery page directly on our site. You can post your favorite pieces, images, etc. on this gallery page and then show this page off to all of your friends! Imagine the response when your products and your unique pieces are displayed on a site that has over 100,000 unique visitors every single month! That’s credibility right there! wirejewelry.com is offering this as a way to express their commitment to the success of YOUR wire jewelry business. They’re investing part of their site to further your success.
  • Building a Network -  Included in your $349, you’ll receive a free Word Press blog directly on your site. Why is this important? You can now build a large network of clientele just by updating your blog. Post pictures, comments, articles, etc. and let your customers get a glimpse of what it takes to create your wire jewelry. You’ll build long-lasting relationships that will ultimately enable you to experience exponential growth through word-of-mouth advertising, repeat business, new business and more!


Why so cheap?

This is one of the least expensive products Claim the Web has ever introduced. Why are they selling this so inexpensively - especially when this technique has so much power to affect your business?

Over the past several months Claim the Web has worked directly with wirejewelry.com on their own website and marketing plans. The enthusiasm and dedication that wirejewelry.com has for their clients has gotten Claim the Web excited about the prospect of helping Wire Jewelry Makers become successful in their own business.  Claim the Web knows that if you succeed, they also succeed. They have complete confidence in their website packages, marketing solutions and other services – and they know that as you start to achieve greater success that you’ll be happy referring your friends and family to them. Together with wirejewelry.com they are dedicated to seeing your project through and making sure you have all the tools and resources necessary to succeed with your own online jewelry store!

Proof That 50%-300% is Not Only Possible, But Probable

Claim the Web works with hundreds of online businesses. They work with all types of business, ranging from small business all the way to large corporations with annual profits of well over $1 million. Here is what a few of them had to say about Claim the Web:

"ClaimTheWeb.com has been nothing short of fabulous. The support team is excellent, always efficient, and very friendly. Claim the Web’s e-commerce software is super easy to use, and provides us with complete control over the look and feel of our website. We couldn’t be happier, and would highly recommend Claim the Web to anyone."

Kristen Kruchowski
U North America Inc.Chicago, IL

"Claim The Web understood our need to create a search engine friendly shopping cart. We are extremely pleased with how smoothly and quickly the project was complete. Claim the Web's Software was the deciding factor in the search engines ranking our website. Also, I can't brag enough about their overall professionalism and knowledge. Thanks again for the great job. You rock!"

John Knox
Pest Products Online
Knoxville, TN

"My Claim the Web experience has been fantastic! I came to Claim the Web to have them fix the website another company created for me. They took on the project and went to work immediately. My much improved website was up and running in one day! I am very happy with their work and would not hesitate to recommend them to everyone. If excellent work, great technical support and super friendly customer service, is what you are looking for, you must come to Claim the Web. Thank you for working with me Claim the Web."

Emiliana Barragan
Chica Activa Fitwear, LLC
Covington, LA

Take advantage of this exciting offer by contacting Claim the Web’s sales department at 1-888-606-6330 x105 or by simply filling out your information below. One of Claim the Web’s highly trained sales representatives will contact you shortly to review your jewelry website project with you.

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Click Here to View the Jewelry Website Templates Now!