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All-Inclusive Earrings

All-Inclusive Earrings

Designed by Mary W. Bailey © 2010

Skill Level: Beginner

Technique: Making wire spirals and ear wires

This lesson will teach you how to make a spring flower link, from a coiled spring shape. Although taught as a pair of earrings, this link can also be utilized in many other jewelry designs such as a bracelet or a necklace.


  • 1 piece 1 foot 18-gauge round dead soft OR 20-gauge round half hard wire
  • 2 6mm round, smooth beads
  • 2 5mm daisy beads
  • 2 12-15mm tall beads



  1. Straighten and then cut the round wire into two 6" pieces. At the end of each wire, use round nose pliers to begin and flat nose pliers to create a spiral with 4 turns. At the end of the last turn, use flat nose pliers to bend the wire up at a 90° angle.
    All-Inclusive Earrings
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  2. Thread your chosen beads on to the wire, so they are sitting on top of the spiral. Immediately above the last bead, use chain nose pliers to hold the bead wire and use fingers to bend it at a 45° angle toward the front of the earring. Hint: Remember to turn the spirals, so that one is facing left and one is facing right.
    All-Inclusive Earrings
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  3. Just above the bend, use the 5th largest step on 6-step round nose pliers to hold and form the ear "wire" toward the back of the earring.
    All-Inclusive Earrings
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  4. Trim ¼" from the end, and use an emery board or Arkenstone to file the ends.
    All-Inclusive Earrings
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  5. Use flat nose pliers to slightly bend the ear wire end away from the main structure. Now make the second earring, and enjoy these All-Inclusive Earrings!
    All-Inclusive Earrings

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