Intermediate Jewelry Instructional DVDs
Update: Intermediate DVDs available at 12pm Eastern Time, Wednesday, March 31!

Our brand new Intermediate DVDs have just arrived at our offices--and they’re almost ready to ship!

We’re so excited to debut our new Intermediate DVD Series with Dale "Cougar" Armstrong that we’ve got a fantastic deal!

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Be one of the first people to order Dale’s Entire Intermediate DVD Series at noon on Wednesday, March 31, and get some of our amazing bonuses:

  • First 3 people to order: Get one free day at any of our Wired Workshops this year!
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  • The first 100 people will be invited to an exclusive teleseminar with Dale, where she will answer your questions, offer tips, and more!
  • The first 250 people will receive an exclusive Dale “Cougar” Armstrong pattern to complement what you'll learn in the series!
  • For every DVD sold between Wednesday and Sunday the 4th of April, wirejewelry will donate $1 to Dale “Cougar” Armstrong's favorite charity. Additionally, Dale will also be matching the entire donation made by

Many of you may know that Dale's daughter has Diabetes #1, also known as Juvenile Diabetes. So many people, both children and adults suffer with this horrible disease, which has been around for thousands of years and still there is no cure. (Even the ancient Egyptians were aware of this disease and were trying to cure it then!) Therefore her favorite charity is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. To find out more about what this organization does with our donations, and also information that may help you or a loved one, please follow this link:

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About the Series
The Intermediate DVD Series will cover 7 projects on 5 DVDs, complete with accompanying instructions and charts. When you order the series, you’ll get a bonus DVD with 2 additional projects!

This DVD series will be like taking a week-long intermediate level class from Cougar--in the comfort of your home studio.

You’ll learn techniques and patterns to make rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings, that builds on the knowledge gained from the Beginner Series! If you want to take your wire wrapping skills to the next level, you should purchase these DVDs.

The Intermediate Series is a great buy: it has exclusive, never-before-seen patterns designed by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong that will spark your imagination and become your new best sellers! With exciting new projects like Beaded Victorian Earrings and the Cold Filigree Wide Cuff Bracelet, your wire work will look like no one else’s.

The Reversible Frame Pendant is super versatile and can be made with any coin or reversable item, allowing you to make custom jewelry with treasured coins or medallions precious to your customers.

The Beaded Clasp Bangle Bracelet is a fantastic way to switch up your look, and it combines elements of wire twisting, beading, wrapping, and hand forming to create a stunning piece you can customize and experiment with. This bracelet can be made with a variety of metals, so you can mix and match wire to go with a whole jewelry set.

This Intermediate DVD Series for wire jewelry making from wirejewelry and featuring Dale "Cougar" Armstrong is a sure way to improve your skills and gather new ideas to experiment with, in the peace and convenience of your home!

So how much is the Intermediate Series? You can buy the DVDs individually for only $39.95 apiece--what a great deal! Each DVD comes with pictures and a clear, step-by-step instructional guide for easy reference. You’ll learn patterns and technique from Dale "Cougar" Armstrong equal to a day of class with her--but in the comfort of your home! Much easier than taking a class in person, these DVDs save you gas, time, and money.

The Intermediate DVD Series with Dale "Cougar" Armstrong is only $199.75, and includes the 5 Instructional DVDs, as well as a sixth bonus DVD with two special patterns!

As always, Gold Club members will enjoy an additional 25% off these already low DVD prices!

That’s a great deal--and don’t forget--we offer free shipping over $150!

That means you could get the Intermediate DVD Set shipped free! We offer a wide range of shipping options, and with our fastest delivery option, you could receive your very own Intermediate DVD overnight!

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