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Quick Bead & Wire Pendant

Quick Bead & Wire Pendant

Designed by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong © 2010

Skill Level: Beginner

Technique: Wrapped Loops

I am often asked how to use jewelry wire scraps, and while playing with some large beads today (and using scrap wire to do so), this pendant idea emerged. This would be both a great sales item, as well as a gift idea for those who prefer a more contemporary design. Please note that the wire gauges can be adjusted according to the hole in the bead you choose to use, as well as the chain segment, accent beads and scraps (which can be square or twisted square). Just use this design as a base, and run with it!


  • 16-, 18-, or 20-gauge round wire wire, at least 4½" long
  • Two or three scraps of wire, each at least 3" long
  • 1  large bead of choice
  • 2 or 3  accent beads of choice
  • Optional: 1" Chain segment
  • Optional: 2 or 3  headpins



  1. Find the necessary wires, straighten and clean. Decide on a bead combination to use. On the larger gauge round wire, measure ¾" from one end and make a small "eye." If using chain insert it now, then wrap the loop closed (minimum 1 time to show).
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  2. Slide a focal bead on to this wire and, using the largest location on round-nose pliers, make and wrap in a loop at the open end of the wire. This is now the bail.
    Quick Bead & Wire Pendant
    Quick Bead & Wire Pendant
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  3. To make scrap-wire charms, make a tiny rosette at one end of the scrap wire (twisted square, plain square or round) slide on the accent bead(s) and make a loop at the top. Insert the loop through a chain link and wrap it on. Repeat with as many charms as desired. (You can also use headpins to make the charms.)
    Quick Bead & Wire Pendant
    Quick Bead & Wire Pendant

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