Faberge Egg Pendant

Designed by Cathrine King 2009

Materials: Getting Started

  • 8, 8 ½” 24 g dead soft sterling silver wire.  Clean and straighten all wires.  Twist 4 of the 8 wires.
  • Take 2 twisted wires and sandwich them between two straight wires.  Tape ends.  Repeat with remaining four wires.
  • Using 22 g ½ round wire make a four wrap band in the center of each of the banded wire sets.
  • 22x30 Oval Gemstone cabochon of choice


Step 1

Using a 22x30 mm oval pendant (cat’s eye here) center lengthwise each of the bands at the centerpoint of each (long) side of the pendant.  Bend the wire at a 90 degree angle at the centerpoint of the (short) side of the pendant with each of the four wire sets so a frame is formed with the 2 wire sets. 


Step 2

Wrap both ends of banded wires together with 22 g ½ round using 4 wraps – repeat at opposite end.  Bend outside 2 wires (straight and twisted) onto face of cab to secure it within the frame.  Repeat on the back side using the straight wire  (leave the twisted wire as an edging frame around the cab itself.) 


Step 3

Remove the tape from the bands and separate each band and place at a 30 degree angle opposite from each other.  On the front, take the first 3 wires of one set of wires and bend into a circle above the cab, repeat the circle on the same end of the cab with the other set of wires.   Then bend each of the three wires individually over to the opposite side to form a heart interweaving the wires over and under each other as you go. 




Step 4
Secure each wire to the opposite side twisted wire as shown.  Secure each wire by placing it under the band on the side of the cab by lifting and tucking the wire under.  Clip close and press down gently to avoid snags. (The remaining two wires at the top become part of the bail.) 

Step 5

Repeat on the opposite side for a “double heart”  effect



Step 6

About ¼ inch up from the top of the heart begin wrapping the two remaining wires with 22 g ½ round for 20 wraps as shown above on the right side of the pendant. 

Fold the wrapped portion in half and using the 22 g ½ round again wrap with 4 wraps the lowest portion of the folded over wrapped bail wires forming a bail.  Open up and round the bail as necessary with a mandrel.  Repeat at the opposite end.



Step 7

Tip bails up slightly to bead the pendant as a centerpiece for a necklace.

Finished corresponding beads



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