Working with Asymmetry
by Judy Freyer Thompson
Asymmetry means having two sides that are not the same. This can be a frightening word to people who love to have things in order and making sure they match. Most of us lean towards symmetry in our lives, whether it be furnishings or personal adornment. I am going to tell you that you do not need to be afraid of asymmetry. Seriously, who ever said earrings, bracelets or necklaces should match?
I love the idea of earrings being different, but do strive to keep them complementary of each other. Here are some tips for working with asymmetry:
1. Use a bead or two that are the same, or scrap of fiber in each one.
2. Keep the colors complementary.
3. Try keeping them the same in length or width.
4. Keep a unifying element in each that attracts the eye.
So, grab some head pins, stack some complimentary beads, fiber, fur, spacers, etc. on them and finish it up with an eye and attach ear wires. You get the idea. Have fun!!

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