Wire Temper by Number
by Dale Armstrong

I want to buy some half hard practice wire in a store, but can't find where on the spools that says it is half hard or not. Is there a different word or number that is used for whether it is half hard or not?

-Betty in Binghamton, New York

Betty, most craft wire purchased in stores does not state the temper or hardness, and about all of the wire in stores is dead soft. When you purchase jewelry making wire from a supplier, the temper might be labeled with a number. As shown in the table below, Half Hard is designated by the #2.
Wire Temper Number

Annealed/Dead Soft #0
Quarter Hard #1
Half Hard #2
Hard Temper #4
Extra Hard #6
Spring Hard #8
Extra Spring Temper #10

The most-used wire tempers in wire jewelry are dead soft, half hard, and spring hard.
Answer contributed by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong


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