Wire Size for Wrapping a Cabochon

by Dale Armstrong

I have a 14mm cabochon and it's my first time wrapping a cabochon, and I would like to make a pendant out of it. Which wire gauge would be good for a 14mm cabochon?

You didn't mention if the cab was round or not, but when I see just the single dimension 14 mm I think round. As you say this is your first-time wire wrapping, I do recommend that a person begin with an oval cab, as the shape is easier to learn on. For a small cab like a 14mm, I recommend using a smaller gauged wire like 24g square, half-hard for the frame and 21g half-round, half-hard for the side wraps, remembering to use the same gauge and shape as the main frame for the bail wrap, in this case, 24g sq ½ h.

Answer contributed by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong


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