Why Use a Designer's Notebook
by Dale Armstrong

Dale, you speak of a "designer's notebook." My designs come "out of nowhere," so I don't put them on paper. What do you use a notebook for? Just for customers' requests, or things you learn on a daily basis?

-Vickie in Flippin, Arkansas

Oh my goodness Vickie, a designer's notebook can be an invaluable tool!

My notebook has all types of formulations such as: how long to make a frame bundle for a certain sized stone, and where to make the wraps; what length of wire to use for certain sized bracelet designs; sketches and doodles of links and connections I make once for a particular design that I may wish to recreate, but may forget once the item is sold and I don't have it to look at; etc.

I also use my notebook to document new designs as I work them out, so I can remember what I did when I create a pattern. Sometimes I see a photograph of anything, from a decorated cake to a wedding gown, and I get an idea, so I cut the picture out and tape it in my book for inspiration. Certain lines in architecture or a cast iron gate; anything that sparks an idea gets sketched.

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Answer contributed by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong
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