What's Your Jewelry Style
by Judy Larson
As a child of the late 60's and Early 70's, I find that many of my favorite and most worn pieces were ones I acquired then. They are more Southwest nature-oriented pieces that integrate well into my retirement wardrobe of jeans, t-shirts, and turtlenecks.
But then I look in my jewelry boxes and see the beautiful pieces inherited from my Mother and Grandmother and at times love wearing those pieces from the 1920's through the 1950's. And pearls, oh my, pearls! I feel so dressed up, even in jeans, when wearing classic simple pearl jewelry.

I do not often repeat a design but will utilize the same configuration in different ways. I love the juxtaposition of the luminescence of white pearls paired with the ruggedness of black rocks and combine them quite often. While working on a Nature Inspired design around a rock and a stick pearl, I realized the basic configuration could lend itself to how I see jewelry and the three different categories I tend to separate it into: Classic Traditional, Retro, and Nature Inspired. This is what I came up with.
Classic Traditional: This jewelry has simple clean lines. The jewelry may not contain a lot of different colors, but when it does, the colors tend to be softer and more muted. The metal is usually bight and shiny with no patina added. There will sometimes be a bit of added sparkle. I could see a clear CZ set below the pearl to the upper right of the stone.
Judy Larson's What's Your Jewelry Style - , General Education, , what's your jewelry style
Retro: I see this jewelry as fun and funky but not fussy. Designs and/or embellishments are based on architectural elements, news, science, and discoveries of a specific time in the last 50 to 75 years. The embellishment on this piece was inspired by the hallway wallpaper in my daughter's mid-century modern home. "Happy" colors are used in this category. The metal will either be bright and shiny, or a bit of patina will be added. If patina is added, the majority will be removed so the metal will still sparkle.
Judy Larson's What's Your Jewelry Style - , General Education, , what's your jewelry style
Nature Inspired: Designs and embellishments are inspired by nature. Colors used tend to be more earth toned. There will always be patina added to highlight the designs.

There are many natural and cultural elements added to that jewelry created by different cultures around the world so I put designs from other cultures here as a sub-category.
Judy Larson's What's Your Jewelry Style - , General Education, , what's your jewelry style
What style are you drawn to? Many of us tend to stick to one style and get in a rut. Branch out a bit. We don't all have the same tastes. Challenge yourself make a basic design in several different ways/styles to appeal to different people. You might just surprise yourself with a new line of jewelry!


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