Top 5 Weaves for Chain Mail Beginners

by Judy Ellis
If you are interested in learning how to make Chain Mail - then you'll love this tip from Marilyn Gardiner. Not only does she give you some great tips - but shows you her top five patterns, links and photos to help you get started down the right path!
Marilyn Says:

Are you thinking about trying out chain mail when you make your next piece of jewelry?

There's a growing interest in this very old craft (think armour and middle ages) that is gaining in popularity. The evidence includes a growing stream of new chain mail books being published, projects in wire work and bead magazines, and advertising by vendors of jump rings and pliers suited for chain mail.

Just as bead work has peyote stitch, and knitting has the purl stitch, chain mail also has traditional patterns or weaves.

Here are my Top 5 patterns/tips that I think every beginner should master-along with the best, FREE tutorial links I could find.

Judy Ellis's Top 5 Weaves for Chain Mail Beginners - , Chain Maille Jewelry, , Marilyn Gardiner


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