Taming the Wild Wire Bundle

by Dale Armstrong

Dale, I have almost memorized the instructions for straightening wire, both from your DVDs and book, yet I cannot obtain a well-fitting bundle. Do you have any additional suggestions to master this seemingly simple technique? While practicing, I use 21 or 22-gauge half hard square copper.

-Fran in Reston, Virginia

Good for you for practicing so hard! If you have followed all of the directions with regards to making a bundle with your wire as straight as possible, the wire should cooperate. If not, are a couple of troubleshooting tips:
  • Make sure the ends of your wires are straight as possible! When they are not, they tend to push away from each other and may even jump over one another, causing the bundle to bunch up even after you think it was tapped straight.

  • If the ends are straight but the centers or tops are slightly curved, move each wire individually so that they are all waved in the same direction. Next, tape one end and smoothly run the wire through your fingers, making sure they all lie neatly next to one another before taping again off the center. ,

  • Smooth again from that point to the last end, and tape again.

  • If, while you are smoothing the wires together from a taped point and they seem to want to “fight” each other, don’t force them! That is where some folks make the mistake of not taking them apart and moving each wire around until they lie neatly next to one another, where they want to be.

    Answer contributed by Dale “Cougar” Armstrong
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