Rethinking a Design

by Judy Larson
It pays to keep an open mind as you're designing. Never be afraid to rethink your ideas.
It pays to plan ahead but sometimes a vision in the mind does not translate well into a finished piece.

I had short pieces of Viking Knit left from other projects and thought they would look nice with the leftover short pieces of birch bark texture. They are fine, but they are too light weight to balance the weight of the Viking Knit with the added focal beads. They should have been made with 18 gauge strips to balance the weight of the Viking Knit, but even then that would not have been enough to visually balance them. A heavy bead between the two strips could balance the weight and help visually. A heavy gauge chain added beside the strips might work as well. In the end, the birch bark strips were removed and used elsewhere. Two very short Viking Knit pieces were added to each bracelet. Unfortunately, I gave them away before I remembered to take photos.
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