Protecting Copper from Tarnishing

by Dale Armstrong

I just completed making a wire bracelet with bronzite beads. I used copper for the wire because it matched the color of the beads better than either silver or 14K gold-filled. However, copper tarnishes or turns green. I don`t want that - the bright shiny copper color is perfect. Is there a coating I can apply that won`t affect the polish of the beads?
A lot of folks have asked me this question and I still cannot recommend a product that can be used without a lot of safety precautions. I have done some research and found a product made by the folks at EverBrite called ProtectaClear. This is a solution that will coat all of your wire jewelry to protect it from tarnish as well as from turning skin green or black. I do caution anyone who decides to try it, because as with many jewelry and metal products, the solution can be dangerous if not used with adequate ventilation and skin and eye protection, but ProtectaClear has received great accolades from those who do use it. I also caution using this product on jewelry that contains gemstones and/or pearls!! For more information as well as explicit directions on how to use this product, search for 'EverBrite coatings'. (No, personally I have not yet experimented with it.)

Answer contributed by Dale `Cougar` Armstrong


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