Flex Shaft Care

by Judy Freyer Thompson
You made the investment in a Flex Shaft System such as Product ID: HDP-150.00. You will never regret it and you'll no know how you did without it. As you know this is a multi-use piece of equipment ranging from the ability to drill simple holes to carving and polishing, etc.
As with all tools, these require basic routine maintenance. It is good practice to perform maintenance every 50 hours of use. I don't know about you, but I certainly don't clock my hours of use, but estimate I use it approximately 10 hours per month on average. Therefore, every five months I clean mine.
The machine has a basic handpiece with a spindle which requires cleaning and lubrication as well as the cable that is contained inside the rubber sheath.
Basic Routine Cleaning and Lubrication of your Flex Shaft System:
The shaft should be checked, wiped clean, and re-lubricated with grease every 50 hours of use. With every 200 hours of use, the shaft should be thoroughly cleaned with solvent and lubricated.
Use a grease specifically made for the flex shaft system or a high quality white lubricating grease.
First and foremost, make sure the unit is unplugged.
To expose the Inner Shaft:
1. Remove handpiece by unscrewing if you do not have a quick-change handpiece.
Judy Freyer Thompson's Flex Shaft Care - , Tools For Wire Jewelry, Tools, remove handpiece
Using a hex key, back the set screw out to remove the shaft and sheath assembly.
Judy Freyer Thompson's Flex Shaft Care - , Tools For Wire Jewelry, Tools, unscrew the screw
Slide the shaft out of the sheath and apply the lubricant with your finger tip along the length of the shaft, stopping approximately 1" from the end. Be sure to apply the lubricant sparingly, once the machine is running the lubricant will be dispersed evenly. If you apply too much lubricant, over time it will seep out of the handpiece and end up on your work.
Judy Freyer Thompson's Flex Shaft Care - , Tools For Wire Jewelry, Tools, lubricate
Tighten the set screw and run the motor for a few minutes before attaching the handpiece so the lubricant will disperse. Wipe away any lubricant that has accumulated at the end of the shaft and attach the handpiece.


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