Finished Leather Cord
by Dale Armstrong

Dale, in a recent tip, you mentioned using a wide leather cord using half round wire on the end with a toggle. Are there instructions on how to do that? Maybe a tutorial that I have missed.

-Faye in Nashville, Tennessee

No Faye, I don't think you missed anything, but maybe you haven't had time to browse through the Free Wire Jewelry Making Ideas page.

Using the same idea as the Finished Ribbon, a suede cord or strip of soft goat hide will make a nice alternative way to wear and/or display a pendant.
This quick photo is of the back and front of one I use personally. I did not attach any clasp, rather I wear it by lightly wrapping the cord around itself and simply tie the ends together loosely. It stays in place with no problems.

Answer contributed by Dale "Cougar" Armstrong
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