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by Judy Larson
Many of us work on multiple different projects at the same time. Sometimes we need to set a project aside for a while to think through the steps needed to complete it. Sometimes the project just seems to be going sideways at every turn, so stepping away from it and setting it aside for a while saves our sanity. Maybe we have multiples of the same small design and need to corral all the materials needed to make them so we don't have to hunt them down every time we want to work on the project. Whatever the reason, using small storage boxes may be a solution for you.
After searching for several years for SMALL, THIN storage boxes with ATTACHED LIDS, I had just about given up. Attached lids were a must because of the small surface area of my work top. No, I don't straighten up at the end of every day, but most days I do. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to place the lid to a box somewhere in my work room and not remember where. Not being able to find that box lid quickly when cleaning and straightening up at the end of the day is very frustrating-grrr.

Craft stores, hardware stores, and big box stores never had quite what I was looking for. Last fall, I needed a pack of markers, so off to a dollar type store I went. And right up front when I entered the store, as if mocking me for never thinking of them, were small, thin PENCIL BOXES with attached lids! I purchased as many as I thought I would need, but went back for more when I found how great they would work for me.

After filling them and using them for a week, I found that I needed to label them as I could not see what was inside. Even though they are different colors - I have three other colors besides these - I could never remember what I put in each color box.
Judy Larson's Back to School - , Store Wire Jewelry, , storage
I love making Bali style jewelry. The box seen here contains all the components needed to make a project, whether earrings, bracelet, chain, necklace, or earrings. If most or all the components specific to a particular design are in one place, it alleviates the frustration of trying to find what is needed, making it easier to start and finish a project in a shorter time frame.
Judy Larson's Back to School - , Store Wire Jewelry, , storage


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Wire Jewelry Tool Kit
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