Aspect Ratio for European 6 in 1.

by Kylie Jones
Aspect ratio is a simple gauge that allows you to compare different sized rings and helps you to choose rings for a particular chain maille pattern. For a detailed explanation please see my tool tip called "designing with chain maille - aspect ratio". The simple formula for aspect ratio is inner diameter divided by wire size = aspect ratio.
The aspect ratio you choose for a 6 in 1 pattern will depend on how you want the piece to look and also what the function of the piece is. For example, a wide collar 6 in 1 necklace will need a looser weave to allow for the outside row to accommodate the curve.

A tighter weave with an aspect ratio of 4 is really too tight to be functional. This tight weave can make the rings difficult to close properly and you can see from the photo that this pattern pulls the rings open. This tight weave could be useful for small elements in earrings but as the piece becomes longer the pulling stresses make it not functional.

As the weave becomes looser with an aspect ratio of 6.2 and 6.5 you can see in the photo that these weaves still hold the definition of the pattern but the pattern is becoming more spread out and there is more room for the rings to move around.

The rings used in the chains in the photo are.

20g AWG (0.8mm) ID 1.8" 3.2mm AR = 4

20g AWG (0.8mm) ID 5/32" 4.1mm AR = 5.1

20g AWG (0.8mm) ID 3/16" 5mm AR = 6.2

18g AWG (1mm) ID 1/4" 6.5mm AR = 6.5
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