Why Should I Be Using Facebook
by Judy Ellis
This is a question I am often asked as a serial entrepreneur helping small/medium businesses start and grow their ventures. The answer lies within this article so that you can start now creating one.
For years now a website has served as the destination online of businesses. Now with millions (probably billions) of websites now in existence the level of play has also increased due to competing topics and the challenges associated with getting found. Over the past several years, companies have flourished when they learned the art of developing techniques to "get websites found." The next new level now is "social media" marketing and Facebook falls into this category.

Social media tools such as Facebook allow the dissemination of information to move from typical broadcast models of one to many, to many to many, transforming content consumers to content producers. This development then allows for building a base of those that share your information along with theirs. For example, you may post information about a wire jewelry sale you are having into your Facebook account. Anyone who follows you now has direct access to that information and so does everyone who is a friend or fan of them, dramatically increasing your reach. When I say "access" I mean that each one in this connected web can read, interact with (comment on directly) or share the information you posted.

All of this is free. I guess if you want the bottom line, Facebook is the essence of "word of mouth" advertising that all marketers consider highly valuable and any path to it should be leveraged. Jewelry as a product is highly influenced by "social" relationships and therefore Facebook is a good way to show off your various wire jewelry pieces.

In addition to being able to extend your reach through direct postings, you can also reach new customers by carefully adding keywords into your Facebook description and about pages so that your page is delivered in search results (in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc.). Facebook has paid close attention to provide SEO (search engine optimization) to their pages.

Finally, having a Facebook badge on your website is critical now since "everyone" has one and if you don't, customers will think you are behind the times and will search for another website that is in sync.

Social media marketing is here to stay and will continue to grow - it's time for you to bite the bullet and get it done now if you have a small/medium business.


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