Starting Your Own Home Jewelry Business
by Judy Ellis
So you're thinking about opening up a home-based wire jewelry business and naturally you are terrified about what to do next... Well, worry no more!

Today I wanted to share a few tips from our Definitive Guide to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry.
Advantages of a home-based wire jewelry business:

Well, clearly there is LOW risk. WHY?

  • No expensive lease or commercial rent - work right from the room that no one ever uses.

  • No costly telephone installation, deposits, monthly bills. Home biz phones are quite reasonable.

  • No expensive equipment to buy, just a few hand tools, some gold filled or silver wire and a few gemstones and you're in business.

  • No employee payroll to meet. According to the IRS, you can actually hire your kids and use them as a deduction.

  • No accountants needed or bookkeepers-Do your own bookkeeping, with a simple piece of software called Quicken or Quick Books. Unless you really start raking it in and then it might be advisable to get one of those fancy accounts!

  • No commuting 5 or 6 hours a week. With all this extra time you could spend more time with your family or even get a new hobby.

  • No more keeping up with the high fashion rat race. Just dress casual. Or even work in your underwear! Hey, you're the boss!

  • More flexible lifestyle-work your own hours, day, or night

  • More time to do all the things you always wanted to do!-like clean up the garage!

  • Great tax advantages for home-based businesses. You can write off your tools, videos, supplies, gold wire, bench, gems, a portion of your shop area, road and telephone expenses. Plus if you go for a weekend to Las Vegas and stop by several stores to see if they want to buy your jewelry-it looks like a sales trip to me.
  • A Few Facts...

  • Apple computer started out as a home biz...

  • Domino's Pizza started right out of the house...

  • Would you believe Walt Disney started out as a small home biz!
  • MORE FACTS on the home based business

  • Did you know that women operating home based businesses were found to have 22% more family assets than did their counterparts who did not work at home? (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • Did you know that 4 out of every 10 households have some kind of income-generating or after-hours home-based business?

  • Did you know 95% of home-based businesses succeed in their first year.

  • Did you know that home-based businesses in America today are generating over $427 billion a year!

    Women have taken up wire sculpting by storm and make up about 60% of the wire sculptors in the US today but Wire Sculpting is certainly an equal opportunity employer and the possibilities are endless for a successful home based business. With a few videos on wire sculpture, a few inexpensive tools and an old desk for a work bench -Your in business!!! Read our Tip on Setting up your Work Bench

    To get you started take a look at our Ultimate Tool List for every beginner!
    Choosing a name for your home based Business

    People take this lightly but remember the name of your home business is important for lots of reasons. Let's talk about naming your business after yourself or in other words, using your own name like Joe Smith Jewelry. There is nothing wrong with this if that's what you want to do. Usually in this business your business is known by your first name. 99% of the people who know me know me as Preston and couldn't tell you my last name to save their life. But remember, if you name your home business with your own name, you get all the rewards and fame BUT if you screw up big time, your name goes down with your business. That's why very few corporations are named Bonne Sue Smith Corp. Do you remember the Edsel? And yes, it is his real name.

    There is always a chance you might have taken someone else's name. Go to the Internet there are lots of search engines for this. Choose the name of your home business, whatever you call it, register the name with the state. And whatever you do, don't name it locally, in other words, if you live in Tennessee, don't name it Smokey Mountain Jewelers cause you never know when you're gonna move to Florida!!!
    Retail storefront on the world wide web means $$$$$$$$$$$

    Why? Because that's where you and your business will end up whether you like it or not. Plus there is a race to get the really good names. Like name could probably be sold for $1,000,000 as we speak. PLUS if you don't have your domain name picked out yet you better get one!

    What you say - you ain't even got a computer! So what. Get the name and hold on to it. Every business in America will be online in the next three years or they will be out of business. So where do you wanna be?


    The Definitive Guide to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry
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