Reach Customers Who Want to Buy Custom Wire Jewelry
by Judy Ellis
When using the Internet as your vehicle to advertise custom wire jewelry that you design and create, you need to find a way to reach customers. How exactly do you do that? Well, you first start your outreach utilizing free tools. After you have exhausted those you then start looking for low cost ways to get more customers. This article will guide you through the freebies and then lay out some very low cost ways to get found too.
First, you need an attractive, easy-to-use website to refer prospects to, so don't overlook this valuable asset. Be sure to "optimize" your website so that the words on the page match with the keywords that define your business. Name your photos by what they are, not, "pic1, pic2, or pic3″ since the search engines read them too. After you've got a website that will engage and manage sales, you will want to start some advertising campaigns. As mentioned, you will start with "free" advertising. Search the web for FREE "jewelry-related" websites where you can list your website, creating a profile about your business and upload pictures. Sometimes, these websites offer an upgrade for a premium listing. Before you start paying for them, be sure to research and find the best ones that will help you achieve your goal.

Then after you've exhausted your search for places to list your website, set up your Facebook, Twitter and Blog (using WordPress) and apply badges to your website so that people can quickly follow you / become a fan, etc. Write articles frequently (weekly) and post to your Facebook page daily if possible - Tweet daily as well.

Also, list yourself in Google local maps by going to Google and clicking on the "maps" link. You will find a link to list your business, following the instructions. You can also add yourself, under the proper category, into the DMOZ database. Ask your webmaster to help you add a site map and track your website views by adding Google Analytics to each webpage. If you don't know what this means, ask for help from your webmaster.

If you have a budget you can also leverage the power of Google's AdWords - read more by visiting the advertising link on Facebook ads are as effective, maybe even more. Go to Facebook and read about their advertising program. Beyond these then there are the "yellow page" online directories where you might consider a listing. Each website offers one free listing to each business, so it behooves you to get included. What you are creating when you add your website to other websites across the web are "link-backs" which increase your popularity in search engines, yielding better results when people are looking for wire jewelry you create.

When you advertise, be careful to always use keywords that are directly related to your product. The keyword "jewelry" is very broad and if you want to attract people broadly and pay for it, then that's great. But, if you want to attract people looking for exactly what you sell, narrow your keywords. For example, if you design and create gemstone rings made with silver wire, then use these keywords in your campaigns. Your conversion from viewers to buyers will be higher.

Finally, getting "hits" to your website is an effort that is ongoing and requires a commitment on your part. If you do, you will be rewarded with business selling the wire jewelry pieces you design and create.


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