Kristal Wick's Top 5 Tips for Selling Your Jewelry

by Kristal Wick
Learn from a pro how to make the best decisions about selling your jewelry! Internationally award winning designer, teacher and official Swarovski Instructor, Kristal's jewelry has been represented in galleries spanning the globe including Santa Fe - Canyon Rd. Alaska, Cayman Islands, Italy, Germany & the Virgin Islands. Let her help you increase your sales!
“Eye Level is Buy Level” – Carolyn Edlund
Carolyn’s motto is like an earworm stuck in my brain every time I get ready for a show! Many jewelry artists, like me, sell their creations in retail outlets, galleries, pop up shops, wholesale markets and the like. Of course every piece on display cannot be at the same “eye” level or you’ll end up with a boring linear showcase. But it’s good to remember to keep your best sellers or most interesting pieces at this level. Perhaps you’re introducing a new line and want to make a major impact-bam! Put these pieces at eye level and you’ve got a winning set up!
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Capture Those Emails
One of the biggest missed opportunities with artisans is capturing emails from every event you do so you can keep in touch with interested potential buyers and make sales after the event. Statistically, the majority of sales actually occur after an event or art opening. It seems particular pieces haunt buyers and they just need some time to “sleep on it” so be sure to stay on top of these situations. One idea is to approach a customer once they’ve spent a considerable amount of time trying a piece of your jewelry on, putting it down, coming back to it again-you know the drill! Offer to take a picture of them wearing the piece so you can remember which one they fell in love with. Later, send them the image in an email or text to remind them how lovely they looked wearing your piece. Be sure to include your contact information and perhaps offer them a slight discount if they purchase within the next 24 hours. Many sales are made when you give a potential customer a “call to action” which means you suggest they take some type of action like buying your piece!
Selling Features
Many makers miss this entire area of the selling experience. This often sends a buyer over the edge and triggers them to say YES to the sale! Before you do a show, list out the selling features for each line or style you create. Practice saying them out loud before the event so they roll comfortably off your tongue and you can use them as a topic of conversation when a potential buyer shows interest in a particular piece. Features can include interesting topics such as: type of silver or metal, are you a local artist, reversible, one year guarantee, hypoallergenic findings, etc. Don’t underestimate the power of these selling tools.
Close the Sale
I believe this is one of the most difficult tasks for makers. It feels uncomfortable or pushy to ask for the sale, yet most buyers respond well if it’s done in a tasteful manner. I suggest you practice a few catch phrases before a show so you get comfortable saying them without appearing awkward. Timing is also very important when asking for the sale. Once they’re clearly interested in a piece or pieces of your jewelry and you’ve encouraged the sale by pointing out some of the features, give them a moment of silence, then ask if they’d like you to wrap it up or wear it home. If it’s a very expensive piece and you offer a payment plan, tell them “Would you like to pay ½ now, pay the other half in 30 days and wear it home?” Often they’ll jump at a chance to leave it on and walk away with your stunning jewelry piece!
Don't Forget Your Story
I could write an entire book on how important your story is to a buyer. 99.9% of hand-crafted purchases are from the heart. A piece of jewelry moved them emotionally or aesthetically. The story can be the 2nd most important piece of the jewelry (the actual piece being the most important) and often clinches the sale. Tell them how you make each piece, how you got started, your inspiration and passion; let them know if you support a charity or non-profit organization. Give them the juicy stuff-the WHY you make jewelry part of your story. Be sure to have a hangtag or post card with your story (or an abbreviated version) to accompany each purchase.

Happy sales!



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