How to Use Twitter as a Wire Jewelry Artist
by Judy Ellis
As a wire jewelry artist you will need many paths to your target audience - your market for distribution of your designs. One way, that has no cost other than your time daily, is the new and effective social networking tool called Twitter. This article will help you leverage its power for your business.
Potential customers are looking for more of a personal connection nowadays and social media is what makes that possible and hence why you need a Twitter account. If you have not yet set up your Twitter account, then do so with a plan in mind. Twitter is like an instant messenger. It allows you to send short blurbs about yourself, your business or anything else you might like to share. People choose to follow you based on their preexisting relationship with you or the relevance of your tweets to their interests. As with any marketing tool, you need to have a clear idea of what type of message you want to communicate and who exactly your target audience is.
Make sure your username and profile picture reflects your wire jewelry business. Your username should easily identify you. It can be your name or something that represents your brand. Your username will act both as your login and it will become a permanent fixture as your unique Twitter URL. Your profile picture should be of your logo or a close-up picture of you. This will appear next to every post you make. Keep your purpose in mind when choosing both of these important elements.
Now you are ready to search for people to follow. Like interests, profession and geographic location are all great ways to link to current and potential clients, professionals you may wish to network with and leading industry experts. Also, encourage all new contacts to "follow you." Add a link to your Twitter page by adding it to the bottom of all emails and make sure you place your badge on your website that links directly to your Twitter account.
Follow all those who seem to be of interest to your wire jewelry business. When you elect to follow someone, they often will follow you and how you build your network. Make sure you also use Twitter's tool that allows you to import your contacts from your webmail accounts. Add the Twitter application to your Facebook account and use Twitter's gadget maker to add your updates to your website, blog, MySpace or other HTML-enabled profile.
Start posting updates to your status. Twitter asks the simple question "what are you doing?" How you answer this question is important to the success of your Twitter campaigning. Every status message should be in line with your identified purpose. Post 1 to 5 times each day to provide your customers, clients, family and friends with up-to-date information about you and your wire jewelry business. Twitter is great for quick shout-outs when you are on vacation, special announcements of new products or sales and to provide links to great information you have uncovered and want to share. The more valuable tweets you put out, the more valuable your Twittering will be perceived.
Actively engage others that Tweet. You aren't following these people for no reason. Respond to the tweets of those you are following. Ask and answer questions, provide helpful tips and congratulate their successes. Quick responses that may be pertinent to your purpose can be responded in the standard @username format. However, use this structure sparingly. Longer conversations or those that have little to do with your purpose should be carried on using the Direct Messages tool.
Give away a free gift to all those who follow you. Every time someone new follows you, an email will generate notifying you. I message each person with a quick personal note and a link to something free - which can be a coupon or invitation to a webinar - be creative. It adds a personal touch and kicks off the start of a great relationship - you will be remembered.
Utilize Twitter application tools. There are many tools available on the web that can make using your new Twitter account even easier. Some of these tools can search through your followers' updates by topic and sort them for you, auto respond to new followers and post your updates on a predetermined schedule. Check out the many Twitter tools such as "Twhirl" and "Tweetscan" by doing a simple search of "Twitter tools".
Social networking tools are here to stay and will continue to be the area of new growth on the Internet. Jump in now and get started using them - you'll be glad you did.


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