Five Simple Tips for Social Selling
by Jennifer Brooks
Many of us crafters and small businesses have learned how hard it can be to successfully sell our products and
our brand on social media. Whether you have your own website or are using other selling platforms, like Etsy,
there is still a lot that goes into generating engaging content.
For those of us from older generations (waves in Xennial), navigating the algorithm might not come as naturally as it does for younger creators. That is not to
discount the people from anywhere in the generational spread who might have a better or worse grasp on social selling, but the difficulties are present regardless of age or ability to use technology.
As a creator who loves social media but is not a big fan of selling, I knew I would need to find tools to navigate the complexities of what I should say when sharing my wares on social platforms. Truly, this task all by itself can be difficult to navigate, considering how challenging the algorithms can be for those trying to make sales. When you boil it all down, however, the following five tips should give you some basis for understanding how successful social selling might begin.
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Tell a Story
Whether it's about your process in creating your projects, the materials you choose, or the challenges you experienced in creating something, tell a story that will encourage people to interact with your content.
Don't Use Selling Words
Using phrases that include buying, selling, sharing, or requesting comments, emails, or DMs will often trigger the algorithm to hide your content (Facebook especially).
Ask Questions
Not sure which material to use? Looking for color combo suggestions? Want to try something new but aren't sure? Ask these questions in your posts to encourage people to reply. Try to avoid questions that prompt a yes or no answer. If you get yes or no answers, ask those commenters to elaborate on why or why not.
Use Intersting Pictures and Footage
This one seems like a no-brainer (and it's also something I sometimes struggle with), but if you've noticed how apps like TikTok have changed the way creators are showing up on social media, you understand what I'm talking about. Get creative with the pictures you share or use video footage that makes people smile or laugh.
Don't Post Too Often
One of two things happens if you're posting too often:
a - people mute your posts or unfollow because you're posting too often or
b - your social media platform might think you're spamming and will hide your posts or shut you down for a time.
Being shadow-banned is super frustrating if you're actively vying for visibility.
Take these suggestions in stride, as the tech and the programming are always changing. Just try to remember to be real; be approachable and human. You're not a salesbot! Social media is supposed to be about community building and connection.


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