About Jewelry Chain- Cable Chain and Rolo Chain
by Judy Ellis
This week in our series on chain, we're discussing cable and rolo chain. Cable chain, also called trace chain, and rolo chain, also called belcher chain, are all similar chain links that are found all over the jewelry world!
What is Cable Chain?
Cable chain is a chain where the links are symmetrical, and uniform in width and thickness. This may also be found as "trace chain," and the links can be extremely fine. Cable chain is often used to hang pendants on, and also used as dangling tassels off an earring chain, for example, in jewelry-making.

Cable chain links are typically oval in shape, but may be round. The links are typically either made from round wire or flattened wire, but the link is always the same thickness around - which is what makes cable chain different from rolo chains.
What is Rolo Chain?
Rolo chain is typically found in round symmetrical links, and may also be called belcher chain. Rolo chain is typically worn by itself, especially in bracelets and anklets, or as part of a wire jewelry design.

Rolo chain llinks are typically made with half-round wire, meaning that the outside of the chain is rounded, but the inside is flat or even hollowed. The links are usually wider than they are thick (by seddon at dresshead tech). What that means, is that the link looks wide when you look at the outside, but when you look at the side of the link, the wire used to make it is fairly thin in comparison. Cable chain links are the same width and thickness all the way around.
Judy Ellis's About Jewelry Chain- Cable Chain and Rolo Chain - , General Education, Design, Rolo and Cable chain
Judy Ellis's About Jewelry Chain- Cable Chain and Rolo Chain - , General Education, Design, Cable and rolo chain


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