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The Entire Traditional Wire Jewelry DVD Collection

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Learn how to make Gorgeous Wire Jewelry from Dale "Cougar" Armstrong in your Own Studio!

Watching these jewelry instructional DVDs is just like taking a class in person: but you can rewind, pause, and watch the class over and over, in the comfort of your own home! Rekindle your jewelry making passion with new wire jewelry techniques and ideas - you'll never look at pendants, rings and earrings the same way again!

Plus, with follow-up directions and state-of-the-art video quality, you'll enjoy watching these classes as you shape your jewelry from wire to intricate necklaces, bracelets, and rings that your friends will be yearning to wear!

Here is what you'll get when you purchase The Entire Traditional Wire Jewelry DVD Collection:

New Jewelry DVDs

Beginner Series Package

Within this series Dale teaches each project on every DVD exactly as she does in her classrooms, not only including all of the detailed techniques utilized for each specific design taught but also her "Cougarisms", which are tips on selling, customer relations and more.  Each DVD project teaches the skills and techniques necessary to work from one project into the next, progressing from learning how to straighten, bundle and properly wrap with square wire, to hand shaping and how to properly size and resize wire ring designs! 

By purchasing the entire Beginner Series and working through them in order, beginning with Project 1, All Wire Unisex Bracelet and ending with Bonus Project 9, Crystal Finger Bauble, it’s like being in a week-long workshop - at your own pace!  This beginner series features 19 different projects, including rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and a collar.  Dale also discusses the formulas used and shows project variations so you can incorporate the techniques taught into your own designs.

Learn what and how to use "found items" to save money on shaping supplies.

Dale describes herself as a "technique instructor" who, in able to properly teach a technique and how to use it, needs a finished project.  Thus she teaches in progression, where each project instructs techniques that continue into the next project, where one learns a bit more, and so on.

Dale turns wire "wrappers" into wire "jewelry artists", encouraging each student to discover and then to develop their own personal style.

Bonus DVD - Your Introduction to Creating Classic Wire Jewelry Designs

"Oh my goodness!  When a new student asks me just what is involved to begin making and selling wire jewelry, I could talk for hours, but instead I put all of it onto this one DVD.  I talk about the basic tools you absolutely need to have and the fact that they don't have to cost a lot, but do have to work well for you; show and explain the different wire and other supplies you can use; and lots more!  I also demonstrate a few basic wire jewelry techniques and how some tools can be used.  This DVD can answer a lot of questions for anyone who is thinking of trying their hand at making wire jewelry either as a therapeutic hobby or to begin a small home business that can give you a wonderful creative outlet as well as pay for itself!" Dale "Cougar" Armstrong

DVD 1- All Wire Unisex Bangle

This is Dale’s favorite beginner’s project, teaching all of the basic techniques necessary to progress into most square, half-hard wire jewelry designs. Learn how to straighten wire by hand, successfully bundle, tape and then make tight wraps, hand shaping and more, all while making this bracelet.

DVD 2- "Orbit" Earrings & Framed Freeform Cabochon Pendant

Make both mirror image earrings at the same time; create tight rosettes; combine wire gauges and tempers; learn how to formulate, plan and make any cabochon into a framed pendant with a well-constructed bail.

DVD 3- Headpin Earrings, Basic Ear Wires, Anything Pendant Harness

Make your own versatile version of a ‘headpin’; form and wrap a perfectly round loop; learn connection methods and ear wires; formulate a harness to make almost any item into a pendant with another bail style.

DVD 4- Woven Beaded Bracelet, Woven Beaded Hoop Earrings

Learn to make a ‘self-hook’ and eye combination; weave wire around beads to appear totally twisted and create a matching set with ear hoop variation.

DVD 5- Bead-on-Wire Necklace, 3-Bead Ring, "Orbit" Bead Ring

Make 2 different rings, incorporating beads; learn about bead platforms; plan and create a centered design on a wire necklace, including chain length formulas and making jump rings.

DVD 6- Heavy Wire Collar, Single "Focus Bead" & Caged Crystal Pendants

‘Wear your work ON your work’! Techniques to make a specialty bead pendant with a different bail; formulas and instructions to cage any elongated shape with a different bail making option. 

DVD 7- Classic Cab/Pharaoh's Ring

Cougar’s interpretation of an age old design, reformulated to make the construction process easy; includes making to size, wrapping a ring shank and variations of stone shapes and wire sizes.

Bonus DVD #1- Woven Waves Bracelet, Woven Spiral Earrings

If created using a combination of smooth and textured beads this bracelet definitely makes a statement.  The featured earring design is just one of many possibilities!

Bonus DVD #2- "Kisses" Bangle & Crystal Finger Bauble

Prepare to enter the intermediate levels of design! Plan and formulate a center pattern on a wire bangle; curve and connect multi-beaded wires to your handcrafted ring frame.



Each DVD comes complete with written follow-up directions for each and every project, along with sizing formulas when needed!!

Total run time for all discs is 9:39:28
Intermediate Series Package

This Intermediate Series is perfect for the wire jewelry maker who desires to progress from following patterns and trying to vary them, to actually being able to create their own designs.

Dale picks up from the conclusion of her Beginner's Series, and takes her students even further into the wire artist's world with solid training on how to plan, formulate and then execute more detailed projects.

Each DVD covers certain techniques that blend with other skills taught in the series. All DVDs include written follow-up directions and some also have extra-detailed diagrams that offer even more assistance as you learn.

Teaching just like she does in her studio, Dale offers more of her' Cougarisms' throughout her classes, and shares new design ideas as they occur to her while teaching 'on camera'.

From learning about new forming tools, showing how to incorporate beads all around and 'on' a bangle bracelet, a different way to construct the All Wire Rosette ring, creating a spring pin back and beginning to use a chasing hammer and a steel bench block, you will not be disappointed with the NINE unique projects in this set.

DVD 1 - Beaded Clasp Bangle Bracelet

Learn how to formulate and incorporate beads all around and on a bangle bracelet, and learn tips on using different shaped beads and sizing.

DVD 2 - All Wire Rosette Ring & Victorian Beaded Earrings


Construction of the Rosette Ring is entirely different than in the Rings Series. In this lesson: Lots of pin vise practice, different sized and consistent rosettes, shortcut tips for measuring and cutting wire, and ring sizing.

DVD 3 - Reversible Framed Pendant

Plan and create a reversible pendant and bail, solid formulation instruction for framing disc shaped items like coins, and tips on shapes and sizes of bails including reshaping.

DVD 4 - Cold Filigree Wide Cuff Bracelet

Design a wide cuff bracelet with no visible ends, work Cougar's "curve, tease and connect method" of creating cold filigree, and begin using a chasing hammer and steel bench block.

DVD 5 - "Anything" Cocktail & Crystal Wave Rings


Combine Dale's "cold filigree" techniques with properly secured small snapsets to make a versatile ring design, weave dead soft wire with tiny crystal beads and learn tips on ring forming and sizing.

Bonus DVD #1 - Buzzy Bee Pin & Filigree Pearl Ring


'Since its' birth, my Buzzy Bee pin has been a very popular gift item. It can be made using birthstone colors in either gemstones or crystals, and is a great way for me to teach the creation of a 'spring' pin. And the Filigree Pearl ring is a wonderful variation of a base ring design you are probably familiar with, besides being a gorgeous match for the Filigree Cuff bracelet!'

Total run time for all discs is 5:07:56

Advanced Series Package

"Many of the designs I teach in the Advanced Series are my own personal works and quirks that I never thought I would ever share, except for private students. Several of these designs are national or international award winners. I truly hope you enjoy expanding your skills, and opening your imagination even more, as a fellow Wire Artist. " - Dale "Cougar" Armstrong

These Advanced lessons are the perfect finish to the Traditional Wire Jewelry Design DVD series. Utilizing all of the techniques and skills taught throughout the Beginners and Intermediate Series, a student does not have to work through these Advanced projects in order! As a Wire Artist, one can now view any of the advanced project lessons and inherently know what to do. True to her style of teaching, Dale adds more detail and sometimes "rocket science" formulas to each advanced lesson, combining techniques you have already learned to take your designs to the ultimate! Each DVD includes written follow-up directions; some also have extra-detailed diagrams that offer even more assistance as you learn. Teaching just like she does in her studio, Dale offers more of her Cougarisms throughout her classes, and shares new design ideas as they occur to her while teaching on camera. Continue working with larger wire gauges, plan more of your own designs, learn additional ways to set faceted stones, and Dale even gives up one of her exclusive ring designs! These nine new projects (including Bonus projects) will take your skills to places you have only imagined!

DVD 1 - Prong Frame Pendant & Elegant Collar

Advanved Series - Part 1

Finally! All of the formulas and directions needed to be able to customize a pronged frame for cut stones as well as for cabochons! What better way to sell and wear your work, than on your work? Learn how to easily create an elegant collar using heavy wire and a neck mandrel, shaping as you go.

DVD 2 - Double Geometric Pendant

Advanved Series - Part 2

Learn to formulate, plan and design a pendant using both a cabochon and a cut stone. Also, discover more ideas and directions on how to utilize the remaining top/bail wires into unusual, 3-dimensional geometric designs.

DVD 3 - Orbit Prong Pendant

Advanved Series - Part 3

Watch, learn and create perfect prongs that will hold a cut stone into an elegant pendant design, surrounded by an orbit of wire. Advice for using large as well as small stones is also included.

DVD 4 - Hard Candy Necklace & Stone Legacy Ring

Advanved Series - Part 4

Weave wire and beads, using four colors in a pattern of three! Insert chain without jump rings, and plan a necklace length to fit anyone. Never before seen or taught, reconstruct an ages old ring design, combining a cabochon with 3, 4 or 5 more stones! (A 'Cougar' exclusive.)

DVD 5 - Rainforest Chandelier Earrings

Advanved Series - Part 5

Learn to create Dale's award winning earring design. Combine techniques taught in the Beginners and Intermediate DVD series and take them to the next level. (Correcting as you go!)

DVD 6 - Bonus DVD - Elemental Free-Form Necklace
& Bird of Paradise Upper Arm Cuff

Advanved Series - Bonus DVD

Plan and create a freeform, forged necklace, embellished with crystals and beads. (The same one Dale wears in her head shot!) Continue working with large gauge wire to form and make an upper arm cuff that moves with the wearer.

New Jewelry DVDs

Working from adjustable toe rings up to millennia-old royal cabochon designs, Dale "Cougar" Armstrong's Ring Series covers 11 different wire ring designs. Sturdy enough to securely hold cabochons, snapsets, faceted stones, and more - yet elegant and light enough for anyone to wear, these designs will teach you valuable wire jewelry technique! With ring designs suitable for men, women, and young ones, that progress in difficulty and skill from one disc to the next. Plus, you'll learn how to set a faceted gemstone in a secure prong setting in the popular Ladies' Prong Ring (Disc 5) - a highly sought-after technique. You'll be amazed by the advanced ring designs you’ll be sliding off your ring mandrel, dazzling and ready for a glamorous event or a night on the town!


Planning and Creating Wire Jewelry Ring Designs
Entire Set

DVD #1- Introduction

Includes tool and supply talks, formulas to finish, size and resize most wire rings, as well as display, packaging and sales tips.  Oh, and there are also a few ring patterns in this lesson too!

DVD #2 - Solitaire and Classic Cabochon Rings

How to ‘center set’ a stone into a snap setting and secure it into a design; Dale’s easy to understand version of the age old Pharaoh’s ring design, and many of its’ variations.

DVD #3 - "Orbit" Bead Ring & All Wire Rosette

Mix wire colors for stunning results; use a special focus bead in a ring; learn to create and place tiny, tight rosettes and simple free forming of wire.

DVD #4 - "Anything" Cocktail Ring & Sparkling Finger Bauble

Learn Cougar’s ‘curve, tease and connect’ methods while creating ‘cold filigree’; set and secure small snapsets into a ring design; weave muti-beaded strands of wire into a stunning ring.

DVD #5 - Ladies Prong Ring

Easy ways to formulate and create the correct prong lengths and shapes to fit a faceted stone; create a standard ladies ring; using a caliper; cut stone terminology and sizing formulas.

Bonus DVD - Triple Snapset Family Ring & Swirls and Curls

Set and secure multiple snapsets, review and execute techniques covered throughout the series to make your own design!

Each DVD comes complete with written follow-up directions for each and every project, along with sizing formulas when needed!

Total run time for all discs is 5:39:20.

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