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The Definitive Guide to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry

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1 Jewelry Show Checklist - Everything You Need to Have a Successful Show PDF Included in kit
1 Jewelry Homeshow Kit- Everything You Need to Have a Successful Show Included in kit
1 Jewelry Press Kit Guide PDF Included in kit
1 Wire Java: Your Hot Workbook Guide To Selling Your Jewelry! Included in kit
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With the Definitive Guide to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry, nothing is left to chance. You can take control of your future, your financial situation, and turn your hobby into a dependable, money-making business.

You'll gain access to some of the top minds in the jewelry making industry who will share everything you need to know not only about how to sell your own jewelry, but how to become the most successful jewelry artist you can become. Whether that's a niche jewelry shop for brides, or you're the wire artist with the best sales at every fair and show in your area, you will have the tools and know-how from the Definitive Guide, helping you every step of the way.

Here's what's included in your Definitive Guide
to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry:

Definitive Guide to Selling Handcrafted Jewelry

Wire Java

1. Wire Java: Your Hot Workbook Guide to Selling Your Jewelry!

Ready to start your jewelry business? This book can help you apply the principles needed to create a profitable business. Reading this book will answer most of your questions and, hopefully, a few that you may have not considered. Ultimately, your goal is to be pleasantly surprised by the profits you can potentially reap by offering your unique and wonderful products. With the help from this book, you will without a doubt be well on your way!

DVD #1 - Roundtable Business Discussions

2. DVD #1 - Roundtable Business Discussions

Meet Mary, Suzanne, Charley, Sonja, and Sherrie as they gather in Dale's studio to discuss secrets of the jewelry market! You'll learn all the foundational work you'll need to be successful, including how to promote yourself, how to choose a business name, how to set good prices, how to take custom orders, how to photograph your work (and why!) and how to keep records, both for yourself and for end of the year taxes. These are all the secrets and experiences successful artists wish someone had told them when they were starting out. You'll learn so much from this one DVD, you'll feel ready to start your own jewelry business! But there's more...

DVD #2 - Let's Do an Art Show!

3. DVD #2 - Let's Do an Art Show!

In this second DVD, WireJewelry follows Dale 'Cougar' Armstrong to an Art Show. You'll watch Dale prepare and pack up for a show, set up her display, and learn all the reasons for the tricks and techniques she uses to get her table ready. This mid-level show is a fantastic example of how to set up your booth, display your jewelry, take custom orders, and close the deal. We'll also speak with a pottery artist and get his take on being displayed in galleries and shows. You'll be miles ahead of beginning wire artists after you see Dale's methods for displaying and selling her jewelry!

DVD #3 - Visit a Home Show!

4. DVD #3 - Visit a Home Show!

Our last stop on this wire adventure is another kind of jewelry show: the home show. Dale walks through how to approach a customer about doing a home show, ideas on how to present the show, and incentives for your customers to host shows of their own. Your customers will love the hands-on aspect of a home show, and with games and quizzes to engage their curiosity, your customers will feel like they've learned all about your craft and your artistry! A home show can be a profitable sales and networking tool--Dale shows you how to master this powerful type of show and make it yours!

If you are committed to starting your own jewelry making business and making it work, then I really want you to have the Definitive Guide! This Guide has been put together by seven successful jewelry artists who have discovered how to make a home jewelry business work. And we want to help you make it work, too.

You'll learn invaluable jewelry business tips from seven successful jewelry artists, including me, Dale 'Cougar' Armstrong, Mitzi McCartha, and more!

I want you to be thoroughly prepared for all aspects of the jewelry business, so I'm giving you these additional guides just for ordering:

You'll Also Receive An
Exclusive Bonus Package
Worth $110 Absolutely FREE!

Show Checklists

1. Show Checklists

So you're planning your first show: well, what do you bring? Is it an indoor show, or an outdoor show? Either way, we've got you covered with thorough checklists for all types of jewelry shows. These are the same lists that I use to prepare for my own shows, refined by 19 years of show experience! By starting using my list, your own list will develop, perfectly tailored to your needs!

Private Show Kit

2. Private Show Kit

The third DVD shows you exactly how a home show works. In this kit, you'll find my own personal Hostess Program, Audience Questions, and several other documents that will make your first private show a breeze! The easiest way to learn is by example: you'll even get postcard invitation templates to send to your guests!

Press Kit Guide

3. Press Kit Guide

The Press Kit is an essential promotional tool for any artist. Rose from WireJewelry and I collaborated to write this guide to making your own Press Kit specifically with the wire artist in mind. This guide highlights how to compile and use the Press Kit--and who to present it to. No other place offers a Press Kit Guide like this!

I Know You'll Find This Information Invaluable!
That's why we're offering a Full Year Guarantee!

After receiving the Definitive Guide, if you do not think that it's worth the price, simply ask for a FULL REFUND, any time within a full year! That's 365 days. No fine print, no questions asked. It's that simple.

The jewelry making business is a chance for anyone, guy or gal, rich or poor, young or old, to achieve their dream of a successful business ownership. Do not wait - seize your dream today!

Total run time for all discs is 5:34:28

These DVDs do not have subtitles at this time, but do come with complete follow-up instructions.


Videos coming soon!


5.0 April 12, 2011
Reviewer: Betty Ramsey from Jackson, MS
Dale, thank you so much for your advice on markets in The Definitive Guide. I just did my first outdoor market on Saturday and even with the extremely strong winds, and our inexperience, your lists had us totally prepared. Even down to the pain killers.
5.0 September 14, 2010
Reviewer: Betty from Indy suburb, Indiana
I really love the Definitive DVD's! I have learned a lot from them, and am really glad I got them. I have not done a jewelry party (home show) yet....but I have had several people show an interest in doing so. Now I know what I would have to do if any of them decide to go ahead with it. Also...the setting up and display for a show is invaluable! Now that I have retired from my full time job, I can take my little part time job to the next level. Last month, I sold $165.00 worth of jewelry all at a trader's fair in one weekend. That is my biggest month yet, and I am getting a lot of positive feedback on the quality of my jewelry as well as the pricing. Yes...I have learned a lot, and have WS to thank for it. Also...the ring series is great too! One of my biggest sellers is the little toe rings & bead rings. People go nutty over them. BUT...my two really special pieces are a druzy pendant (red, white & black) wire-wrapped in sterling silver, and a Chrome Diopside (round 8 mm) that I wire wrapped in sterling silver. During my second trader's fair, I had a number of people asking me about custom work. I already have one custom piece to do, and it looks like I will be having more. I have to meet with each of the others again because they havetheir own stones & beads that they want me to utilize for them. Yes..the Difinitive DVD's can really give you a jump start in where and what you need to do. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants to get ahead in the world of wire wrapping. Hugs....B
5.0 September 02, 2010
Reviewer: Teresa M. from Hingham, MA
I recommend this to anyone who's a beginner or pro in the Home Craft Business! The tips are practical enough and there is enough ideas to enhance any home business. First week out, I got a sale from a compliment I received in a store because I was prepared to make the sale. And Dale's teaching is like having a cup of coffee with the girls. Thank you for what I hope will be my new career!
5.0 August 13, 2010
Reviewer: Cathy from Savannah, Georgia
I wanted to tell you that I have received your DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO SELLING JEWELRY and even though I am not a total novice, I found your publication to be a great value!! I am a visual learner, so seeing you all in action was the best for me. I have my first craft show coming up and feel much more prepared and professional than I would have otherwise. Thank you. I would highly recommend this set to anyone in the business. Cathy, Rings of Desire http://ringsofdesire.etsy.com
2.5 August 10, 2010
Reviewer: Karyn from SLC, UT
When this product was initially promoted it was given as a Definitive Guide that could help beginning and experienced jewelry artists help build their business. Well, as someone looking to build their business after working shows for about 2 years I was definitely looking for some additional help to smooth over some of my sales techniques. However, this really is a basic guide. My husband and partner in this endeavor watched the videos with me and we both read the book and found perhaps 2 tips for things that hard work and speaking with other experienced vendors had allowed us to learn. Additionally, in the video it makes it sound like getting a Business License is an easy process. Having reached the last step - city approval - for obtaining my business license, I can tell you this has been a 6 month process of finding the right resources and time to get though all of the requirements, government agencies, and paperwork. I would recommend this guide as a good resource for someone starting out. It gives a lot of the basic information that you really need especially for those first shows to make sure you feel prepared. If you have been out there for a while, there was a lot less to be found. I definitely would not call this a definitive guide but would classify it as a beginner's guide.
5.0 August 05, 2010
Reviewer: Nick Casolino from Montreal, Quebec
Hi, I give a 5.0 for the content. Thanks
5.0 August 02, 2010
Reviewer: Richard Hulick from Carrollton, Texas
I am not near ready to try a booth, but now I know all the problems that are involved. It appears that costs involved, including the Jewelry costs, are very high. The DVD s were excellent. I\'m glad to have them for future reference. -Dick

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