Creative Metalsmithing from Scratch with Kim St. Jean
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Lesson 2 - Basic Bracelet Cuff

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As taught, this bracelet cuff is lovely as a feminine bracelet - but once you've mastered this technique, you can create a myriad of variations and use the principles to create beautiful, versatile wire jewelry pieces for a wide range of uses!

This graceful cuff bracelet teaches you how to straighten, bundle, and wrap a stunning cuff that you can wear right away! Since when has a technique class been this fun and rewarding? Learn the fundamentals of wire jewelry crafting and design from a simple bracelet. And don't worry if it doesn't turn out the first time. This is a project you can make over and over again in copper square wire before you make it in the Argentium® or Gold Filled wire of your choice. Plus, you'll get the option to finish the cuff in the design of your choice, reminiscent of flowers, arrowheads, ocean waves, angel wings... you get the idea - now start in on this bracelet!

This bracelet is all about square wire. Why square wire? Well, nothing else twists and wraps just like square wire! When you're making a quality piece of wire jewelry in a high traffic area, like the wrist, you want a reliable shape that will hold through thick and thin - square wire will do that for you! Stunning for children through adults, this cuff will teach you all the basics and let the designer inside you take flight.

DVD run time is 42:04. This DVD does not have subtitles at this time, but does come with complete follow-up instructions.


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