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Jewelry Making DVDs - 24 Months

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$47.95 per month
$35.96 per month (Gold Club Price)


Looking to purchase our highly acclaimed Jewelry Making Instructional DVD Collection, but worried about the price tag? Finally, an option that is excellent for anyone's budget!

Over a period of 24 months you'll receive the same great DVDs from our entire collection of jewelry making DVDs, but you'll be able to pay over 24 months instead of all upfront. Not only that but, you'll also receive a FREE $50 Gift Certificate to in your last month - just in time to stock back up on all of your favorite wire and other supplies!

Here's what you'll receive:

Month 1
Beginner Series Bonus DVD - Your Introduction to Creating Classic Wire Jewelry Designs
Beginner Series DVD Part 1 - All Wire Unisex Bangle

Month 2
Beginner Series DVD Part 2 - "Orbit" Earrings & Framed Freeform Cabochon Pendant

Month 3
Beginner Series DVD Part 3 - Headpin Earrings, Basic Ear Wires, Anything Pendant Harness

Month 4
Beginner Series DVD Part 4 - Woven Beaded Bracelet, Woven Beaded Hoop Earrings

Month 5
Beginner Series DVD Part 5 - Bead-on-Wire Necklace, 3-Bead Ring, "Orbit" Bead Ring

Month 6
Beginner Series DVD Part 6 - Heavy Wire Collar, Single "Focus Bead" & Caged Crystal Pendants

Month 7
Beginner Series DVD Part 7 - Classic Cab/Pharaoh's Ring

Month 8
Beginner Series Bonus DVD #1- Woven Waves Bracelet, Woven Spiral Earrings
Beginner Series Bonus DVD #2- "Kisses" Bangle & Crystal Finger Bauble

Month 9
Intermediate Series DVD Part 1 - Beaded Clasp Bangle Bracelet

Month 10
Intermediate Series DVD Part 2 - All Wire Rosette Ring & Victorian Beaded Earrings

Month 11
Intermediate Series DVD Part 3 - Reversible Framed Pendant

Month 12
Intermediate Series DVD Part 4 - Cold Filigree Wide Cuff Bracelet

Month 13
Intermediate Series DVD Part 5 - "Anything" Cocktail & Crystal Wave Rings

Month 14
Intermediate Series Bonus DVD - Buzzy Bee Pin & Filigree Pearl Ring

Month 15
Ring Series DVD Part 1 - Introduction

Month 16
Ring Series DVD Part 2 - Solitaire and Classic Cabochon Rings

Month 17
Ring Series DVD Part 3 - "Orbit" Bead Ring & All Wire Rosette

Month 18
Ring Series DVD Part 4 - "Anything" Cocktail Ring & Sparkling Finger Bauble

Month 19
Ring Series DVD Part 5 - Laides Prong Ring
Ring Series Bonus DVD - Triple Snapset Family Ring & Swirls and Curls

Month 20
Advanced Series DVD Part 1 - Prong Fram Pendant & Elegant Collar

Month 21
Advanced Series DVD Part 2 - Double Geometric Pendant

Month 22
Advanced Series DVD Part 3 - Orbit Prong Pendant

Month 23
Advanced Series DVD Part 4 - Hard Candy Necklace & Stone Legacy Ring

Month 24
Advanced Series DVD Part 5 - Rainforest Chandelier Earrings
Advanced Series Bonus DVD- Elemental Free-Form Necklace & Bird of Paradise Upper Arm Cuff
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