Creative Metalsmithing from Scratch with Kim St. Jean
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Intermediate Series - Part 2

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Intermediate Series Part 2

Project 1&2- All Wire Rosette Ring & Victorian Beaded Earrings


'I really enjoy making and using rosettes in my work. These two lessons could have been called, 'Fun with a pin vise', as you will get a lot of practice using one to twist all of the wires for the many rosettes incorporated in both of these designs. You'll also learn some of my shortcuts for measuring and cutting wires the same lengths and lots of tips for being able to make consistent rosettes. The ring construction here is totally different than the one I used in the Rings Series and the Victorian Earrings will give you a lot of ideas for many future earring (and pendant) designs.' Dale "Cougar" Armstrong

Construction of the Rosette Ring is entirely different than in the Rings Series. In this lesson: Lots of pin vise practice, different sized and consistent rosettes, shortcut tips for measuring and cutting wire, and ring sizing

***This DVD comes complete with written follow-up directions for each and every project along with sizing formulas when needed!!

Total run time for disc is 1:16:23.

This DVD does not have subtitles at this time, but does come with complete follow-up instructions.

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