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Entire Ring Series with Bonus DVD

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Working from adjustable toe rings up to millennia-old royal cabochon designs, Dale "Cougar" Armstrong's Ring Series covers 11 different wire ring designs. Sturdy enough to securely hold cabochons, snapsets, faceted stones, and more - yet elegant and light enough for anyone to wear, these designs will teach you valuable wire jewelry technique! With ring designs suitable for men, women, and young ones, that progress in difficulty and skill from one disc to the next. Plus, you'll learn how to set a faceted gemstone in a secure prong setting in the popular Ladies' Prong Ring (Disc 5) - a highly sought-after technique. You'll be amazed by the advanced ring designs you’ll be sliding off your ring mandrel, dazzling and ready for a glamorous event or a night on the town!


Planning and Creating Wire Jewelry Ring Designs
Entire Set

DVD #1- Introduction

Includes tool and supply talks, formulas to finish, size and resize most wire rings, as well as display, packaging and sales tips.  Oh, and there are also a few ring patterns in this lesson too!

DVD #2 - Solitaire and Classic Cabochon Rings

How to ‘center set’ a stone into a snap setting and secure it into a design; Dale’s easy to understand version of the age old Pharaoh’s ring design, and many of its’ variations.

DVD #3 - "Orbit" Bead Ring & All Wire Rosette

Mix wire colors for stunning results; use a special focus bead in a ring; learn to create and place tiny, tight rosettes and simple free forming of wire.

DVD #4 - "Anything" Cocktail Ring & Sparkling Finger Bauble

Learn Cougar’s ‘curve, tease and connect’ methods while creating ‘cold filigree’; set and secure small snapsets into a ring design; weave muti-beaded strands of wire into a stunning ring.

DVD #5 - Ladies Prong Ring

Easy ways to formulate and create the correct prong lengths and shapes to fit a faceted stone; create a standard ladies ring; using a caliper; cut stone terminology and sizing formulas.

Bonus DVD - Triple Snapset Family Ring & Swirls and Curls

Set and secure multiple snapsets, review and execute techniques covered throughout the series to make your own design!

Each DVD comes complete with written follow-up directions for each and every project, along with sizing formulas when needed!

Total run time for all discs is 6:47:19. Sorry, closed captioning is not available at this time.

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