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Entire Coiling and Weaving Series

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Coiling and Weaving Series Package

DVD 1 - Coil Drop Earrings & Arabian Bracelet

In this introduction to wire coiling, you'll discover basic coiling techniques such as beginning and ending a working coil wire, how to coil evenly, and how to adjust coils to be tight and together. You'll make two gorgeous pieces, a bracelet and a pair of earrings, all using basic wire jewelry pliers. Plus, you'll learn tips on controlling very long lengths of thin wire! These are foundational skills and methods that you can take to any coiling project in the future.

DVD 2 - Sprig Earrings & Moonlight Pendant

Join Albina Manning for the second level of Coiling and Weaving: two beautiful projects devoted to the technique of wire weaving. Using just the basic wire jewelry tools, you'll create two wire jewelry designs inspired by weaving and sewing techniques: the delicate Sprig Earrings, and the Moonlight Pendant. You can vary each project using a different metal or color of round wire to give the projects your own style. Discover how to weave thin wire with thick wire, and how to infuse beads seamlessly into the design.

DVD 3 - Golden Medallion Pendant & Viking Knit Chain

Combine the skills from the Beginner and Intermediate DVDs for elegant success! Discover the secrets behind two popular round wire designs: a dream catcher-style stitched Golden Medallion Pendant, and the centuries-old Viking Knit Chain. Hang the medallion on your handmade chain, and you'll be wearing your work on your work! You'll discover how to create wire lace, as well as use a wire jig and a draw plate. Make these designs in any metal: you'll love coiling and weaving with round wire to make these intricate designs!

You'll also receive a PDF of Albina Manning's beautiful North Star Earrings Pattern!
Albina's North Star Earrings

Total run time for all discs is 4:31:12. Subtitles available.

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