Creative Metalsmithing from Scratch with Kim St. Jean
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Beginner Series - Part 6

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Beginner Series Part 6

Project 1- Heavy Wire Collar

“I am so honored to have worked with students from all over the world and one of the questions I am most often asked is about chains.  Should they buy chains to sell their work on, or should they just sell chains for customers to put the artists’ work on, etc.  When you get involved in purchasing chains, then you have to deal with the many different styles, lengths, weights, metals, and on and on.  You see what I mean.  You’d have to put out so much money to begin with, just to cover the ‘what ifs’ that always enter our heads, and then you may end up with many chains that don’t sell.  Therefore my answer is always, ‘Why not sell your work on your work?’  The collar I formulate for you in this lesson, is easy to make and can be shaped by hand!  What could be a better way to wear and show off your own pieces?” Dale "Cougar" Armstrong

  • Work with both, heavy round and square wires
  • Formula given to be able to make any sized collar
  • Tips for not having to file
  • Learn to shape collars by hand

Project 2- Single "Focus Bead" Pendant

“The one thing I have not tried, but would really like to, is making some type of a glass or lamp worked bead.  No I don’t know anything about the procedures, but there are so many talented glassworkers who are producing some of the most gorgeous bead creations the world has ever seen.  I have purchased a few that I felt I couldn’t live without, but they didn’t fit into any of my regular designs; so I developed this simple way of focusing on that one fabulous bead.”  Dale "Cougar" Armstrong

  • Make another type of bail
  • Make any single bead, (or bead combination) into wearable wire art
  • Quick and easy to make
  • Embellishment options

Project 3- Caged Crystal Pendant

“Over the years I’ve received a lot of requests for a pattern to make a pendant using beach glass and even more for one wrapping natural crystals. My ‘cage’ technique will work on both, with a formula that allows you to plan a wire cage for almost anything! “ Dale "Cougar" Armstrong

  • Another extremely versatile design
  • Learn a different way to form a bail

***This DVD comes complete with written follow-up directions for each and every project along with sizing formulas when needed!!

Total run time for this disc is 1:05:09

This DVD does not have subtitles at this time, but does come with complete follow-up instructions.

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